A very warm Hello!

and I bow to you my dear friends of Emanuel!

A few weeks ago, I was compelled to channel Emanuel again and I have been working with all that caused me to stop channelling since that strong compulsion to begin again dawned upon me. I could detail it all here for there are so many facets to it but I can go straight to the core of it all for they are all borne of the same root, the human ego. My much loved and much misunderstood friend!

As you may know from reading the messages, Emanuel appeared in my life as a visitation and became my Teacher and Guide so that I actually lived His teachings as I wrote them. I was learning and scribing at the same time. As you can imagine, His grand entrance into my life was interpreted by me as the end of suffering but instead of being led down a Golden Path of Truth into the Garden of Eden I was led down a rocky road to my own personal hell. I lost everything that I held dear, including my farm and some of my animals, I lost the approval and respect of many close to me including my father and brother and was betrayed by the man who was shown to me as the “One” Love of my life.

It took me some time to get back on my feet and to accept and understand what happened to me and to understand Emanuel’s words “You are losing nothing that you need and everything that was built in the energies of the Old Paradigm. They cannot exist in the energies of the New Paradigm. Let them Go.”

But back on my feet I AM and I know I am here to bring forth messages of Love from the Creative Source and that which is called Emanuel. I made no mistakes and All IS Well. As it turns out, I was being led to the end of suffering, it just did not look like what I was expecting and Emanuel’s teachings are now showing me that no one can hurt me or betray me, I do that all by myself!

My service to you was flawed in the past for it was done with a degree of obligation. I felt intensely responsible for the quality of information I was giving you and that was too much responsibility for me to bear. All of this was blocking my ability and I know I am capable of serving you in a much greater capacity, if I would step out of the way more and allow Emanuel to speak with no filters of the ego.

I am very proud of the work we did in the past but I serve you now from a new place and I invite you once more to receive the energy of Emanuel through these messages.

I hope they serve to assist you in understanding the importance of your life, your contribution to this great shift of human consciousness and ease your passage through these challenging times of transition and re-calibration. Through these messages may you be transformed by the understanding that All Is Well, you ARE Loved and everything in your reality is conspiring for you.

 If you no longer resonate with the messages, that’s OK, we have all grown, please unsubscribe and you will no longer receive them.

Thank you.

Emanuel’s Message to us today:

“Yet though you walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, fear not for I AM with you and there is nothing lurking in the shadows that will not shrink under your gaze.

For All who walk with me, walk with God and All who walk with God fear nothing God Created and nothing else exists.”

AuthorGillian Ruddy