Greetings, greetings, greetings Dear Ones, it is I, Lord Emanuel come to bid you a fine day this day!! How are you my Precious Ones? It has been a long time since my last communication, the reasons for which are not necessary to go into here. Suffice to say the break was a very necessary one for the growth and expansion of the messenger. I understand for most of you this has been a very rocky road or bumpy ride of late. I have told you many times Dear Ones, this path is not for the fainthearted and should you have known what was ahead of you many of you may well have chosen to bow out of this journey. And there is no shame in it if these thoughts have crossed your mind of late. The hour is too late for false words here, let us not be false with one another, the time is up for you to lie to yourself, to me and those close to you. There is no shame in wishing you had chosen another path or wishing that things were different than they are right now.

Pause for a moment Dear Ones, it has been so long since I have breathed with you here in this way and some of you wait until you are here reading these words before you will call upon me or spend time with me. So, let us now take some time together. Breathe with me Dear Ones, breathe with me now for I AM with you I AM here. Breathe long deep breaths as deep into your belly as you can reach, down to your toes! And exhale out long and slow and as if you are letting go of the whole of the troubles of this world, let it all out! Right until the last molecule that composes the air that you breathe is expelled from your lungs, let out all that stale energy lurking in the depths. Oh, that is so good Dear Ones is it not? Repeat this as many times as you feel comfortable, feel as if you are breathing in the Elixir of Life itself, for that is in fact what you are doing Dear Ones. Your scientists will one day fathom what is really in the air that you breathe, you all know Dear Ones, that your breath is indeed the Breath Of God.

Continuing now, Dear Hearts, you may be very weary and you still wear your battle scars from too many lifetimes in duality but you are still walking, still talking and still very firmly on the path of Light. I must make one thing very clear at this juncture, you have crossed the finishing line. There is no more to be done, all Karma is resolved and dissolved, you have been everything you have done everything and you are complete with your sojourns into the lower dimensions and all that massive contrast has to offer. It is time now to return to the higher dimensions where you belong and begin your ascension back up into the higher octaves of Life. So why do you still feel so entrenched? Why is your life not quite as you expected it to be ‘by now’? Well there are many ways one could look at this Dear Ones and I could answer you all individually for each of you has your own individual twists and nuances that have caused your individual situations but I can be very general and say one thing that applies to all of you. You are still caught on the momentum of the collective mass consciousness and it is this momentum, the fact that you have not yet caught up with yourselves that is causing the seeming continuation of life as it is on upon your Blessed Planet.

Have you noticed that despite your life and the timing of things upon the surface of your planet not quite working out in your expected time line that you are stronger than ever? Can you feel that quiet strength within you? Can you feel and sense and awesome power bubbling up inside of you, a clarity and a power that is beyond description unless you use the term God to describe how Almighty you can feel in moments? That is because my Dear Precious Ones, I come to impart this if nothing else this day, You are here, you are reading these words you are still striding forward with more determination and more courage than before despite all the evidence in the outer world BECAUSE you were chosen for this path and you have been well prepared for it, I cannot overstate this. Father-Mother God makes no mistakes and you were prepared for life times for this journey and you each have it within you to step into your power as the sovereign Free Will Master Creator that you were born to be in this moment NOW.

Breathe with me Dear Ones. Breathe with the I AM that you are, your Great God Presence that resides within your heart and above you. Breathe in that power now, breathe in that Peace, joy, tranquility and that deep deep knowing that All is Well.

Dear Ones so many of you are getting it now, so many of you are side stepping out of the huge momentum that rolls forward leaving chaos and destruction in its wake. So many of you are ‘seeing with new eyes and hearing with new ears' like never before.

My assistance to you must be stepped up now Dear Ones and I offer you at this juncture a new level of availability and I open now to your questions that can be sent to the contact email below. This is news to your messenger! But she will carry out her great service to Life as all of you must do now. There is no other work to be done Dear Ones, other than refining and Mastering the skills required to be still enough to hear your God Presence within guide you through life and your own individual service to Life, through meditation and entering into the Great Silence. I AM here to answer your questions and I AM here to provide you with healing frequencies via what I call Heart Activation. Please use these services provided unto you, please do not let excuses of not enough time or not enough money to spend on yourself hinder your progress. That time is over Dear Ones and it is time that you put yourself and your ascension above all else. Come to me, I will answer your questions directly if you can connect with me yourself or through this messenger if you are not confident in that method of communication.

Focus now Dear Hearts. The time is Now. Rise up rise up rise up. Out of the chaos you will emerge Victorious. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love You beyond measure, Precious, Precious Hearts. God Bless You.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy