Greetings Dear Ones! Greetings, greetings, so pleased I AM to be with you again. It is Lord Emanuel Dear Precious Hearts, I AM so grateful for this time with you, so very grateful. This is such a marvellous opportunity isn’t it? A beautiful rendezvous where I can be with you and only you if but for a few precious moments of your time. I do not take for granted every minute you spare me out of your very busy day. Make the most of what I can give you Dear Ones by offering me your undivided attention for these few moments that we share. For you can rest assured you have my absolute undivided individual attention as you read these words. You are so precious to me and so dear to my heart. Many of you do not remember why but that is of no importance here and now, what is important is that you feel the connection NOW. For no matter how and why it is so deep and so strong, it is what it is and it is alive and happening Now. Just breathe into that truth Dear Precious Hearts. I AM with you more strongly than ever, I can reach you with greater ease, can you feel that? Can you sense that? Can you breathe a little deeper now Dear Ones and be here with me now?

I thank you. Just take a moment or two to focus gently on your breathing. Stop reading for a few moments and come to rest in the awareness of your breathing. Make no effort to change it but perhaps do become conscious of it and adjust the rhythm and depth to what feels more ‘right’ to you now that you bring your attention to it. You may find that you need to take a huge cleansing breath all of a sudden or make your breathing deeper or maybe you like to make it shorter. It does not matter, find your own way but do be comfortable in the rhythm and depth of every breath. Take a few moments Dear Hearts, for you, now.

Peace. A huge peace will descend upon you now, for I AM with you now as you disconnect from the outer world and bring your awareness within and become present to this moment, now you have access to what is available to you outside of the busy hustle and bustle of your life and the noise that surrounds your busy mind. Within the silence I AM with you. I AM closer than breathing I AM in your heart. And Dear Ones, by now you will know in your heart that I AM a bridge, a bridge between you and your Divinity.

Your God self, your Great God Presence I AM and your Creator can be too far away for many of you to understand or grasp. Without my guidance, you may have forgotten what God is, how God feels because so much has been lost in translation over thousands of years. The mass consciousness has been programmed with a man made idea of God that pervades everyone. So long have you walked this path of illusion and separation that you may have forgotten what the Divine within feels like and what the Divine without feels like. You may have forgotten that the Divine is the infinite energy that surrounds you in EVERYTHING. You may have forgotten that all that you are now, is Divine. So you need a guide, and you need assistance to remember. But the path is your own. I have walked my own path ahead of you and in doing so can bridge the gap between you and your Great God within and beyond that your Creator and allow you to feel and discover your own Divinity.

You may also have noticed that I do this in every message. Every message contains encodements of remembrance that you will receive at whatever level you are able to receive them, wherever you are on your path. This builds with every message, layer upon layer and even if you do not notice or attribute your growth to the contents of these messages they are assisting you, alongside all other guidance and practices that you choose, they are all working together to move you forward on your path. And if you take the time to receive what is available to you as you read these words, if you consciously still your mind and close off all distractions, there is no limit to what you can receive because I AM with you when you read them and they are a bridge to me. Like stabilisers on a child’s bicycle, you will not need these messages forever, that is not my intention. They connect you to me more easily than you could on your own but I encourage you to make this connection for yourself any time you need help and guidance. Through the breath work I have taught you this should become easier and easier.

Bridges are necessary between the dimensions and there are always those individuals willing to be that bridge between one dimension and another. This is a huge over simplification of dimensional realities Dear Ones, but I prefer to keep things very simple. Just like I am a bridge to your Creator and can fan the 3 fold Flame of God within your hearts, thus activating and opening the space for your remembrance, so can this messenger bridge between me and you, while you cannot maintain the connection yourself.

I have been working closely with the messenger for many months now to activate her heart and her abilities to be that bridge between the Ascended Realm and the physical world in which you live. To that end she is now able to transmit that which she already does within the words of these messages in a more powerful and more concentrated form in person. She is merely the bridge, the energy and healing is purely mine.

I am calling this energy work ‘Heart Activations’ as the healing works primarily on your spiritual Heart centre. This is the core of all issues, meaning, once you are living from the heart, living in connectivity to the Divine,  All Things shall be given unto you and all healing of yourself is within your own grasp.

Dear Ones, miracle healing is and was a powerful demonstration to all of humanity what is possible. But this Golden Age of humanity is all about you finding your own Divinity, your own sovereignty and your own birthright of eternal health, youth and perfection. You all have it within you to heal every aspect of your lives and move into a state of perpetual grace and ease, comfort and vitality, brilliance and luminosity. I come to offer these Activations to assist you to open your heart and live from here, for it is within your heart and walking your Way of the Heart that the Kingdom of Heaven will be revealed unto you. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I am walking with you every step of the Way Home. God Bless your Precious Hearts.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy