Beloved Friends,

It is with immense pleasure that I can confirm that Emanuel has been working with me and has 'given' me or activated within me, the ability to facilitate what He calls 'Heart Activations' for you. I do this in person, one to one with you, using Skype.

I have been trying this format out with a number of people and it is working very well. Here is some of the feedback I received from people who have experienced this wonderful 'Activation' via Skype....


"In general I feel very strong energy in my heart and also better able to radiate this love-energy... I feel wonderful :)" Dimitar, Bulgaria.

"Thank you for the most incredible gift, to facilitate this marvelous rendezvous with Lord Emanuel and the team of Archangels...... The effect now shows in a more joyous, relaxed and loving me, and I am sure that the "long time" effects are still much, much greater. An opportunity no one should miss! Once again Gillian; Thank You!" Cagga, Sweden.

"I want to thank you so much for our sitting together on Skype. You call it Heart Activation and now afterwards I can understand that..... Afterwards my body was strong and my thoughts were light and I felt free and happy. God Bless You for your work together with Lord Emanuel. I love it so much." Inga, Sweden.

"My heart opens easily depending on my thoughts, it expands much quicker than previously and more often. My life seems to flow easily, without any effort on my side! Thank you so much." Isabelle, France.

"Afterwards, I felt so calm, broad, secured and stable around my heart. I still remember how it felt, I like and enjoy that feeling.... And I have a feeling that my heart feels other people's feelings much more naturally than before as if it's connected directly..." Reiko, Japan.

"When you called Lord Emanuel in, I felt his great energy engulfing me, like a very comfortable blanket. Then a total calmness filled me entirely, it stayed with me during the entire day, even with all the trouble I had to cope with." Ki, Germany.

"After I had understood this my heart portal opened up completely, it was so much expanded now, that I could not see any "Rand", I just felt the pulsing, felt being one with All That is. This is how it feels..... I was so thankful to all around me, to Gillian who made it possible." Petra, Spain.


Sessions are approximately 45 minutes long but can last up to I hour. For the full time we are working together my attention and focus is completely with you and Emanuel simultaneously.

It is very clear to me that an exchange must take place for these Activations. Given that we are still in a system of value for exchange, I have decided to charge £44 for this service. I think this is a fair exchange for my commitment to you and I hope you agree that it is an affordable amount for all.

I have found these sessions profoundly powerful and immensely rewarding to facilitate. It is my great pleasure to offer this service to you and I do so with deep humility and gratitude for all the blazing Light you are adding to the world.

Together we can shine brighter!

Please contact me at 

for more details and to arrange a session.


I Love you with all of my Heart

May Infinite Blessings be upon you


AuthorGillian Ruddy