Greetings Dear Ones, greetings! It is I, Lord Emanuel come to be with you again this day! With every passing day now there is a tangible difference in the levels of Light upon your Blessed planet, can you feel it Dear Ones, can you sense it? Breathe with me now, long and slow inhale and exhale, take one massive long breath in and out to cleanse and refresh you, to bring you into the now moment of no time with me and the words of this message. For you are now in no time if you choose. All the concepts you have read about, all the ideas and beliefs that you hold around time and space are becoming tangible realities for you now, many of you are experiencing dipping in and out of reality bubbles causing a little confusion and disconcerting thoughts and behaviours. Remain calm Dear Ones, this may feel a little strange and very unusual but I assure you that All is Well and that you are experiencing dipping in and out of dimensional realities as one dimensional level of experience bleeds in to another. There is no ‘jump’ from one to another, as you evolve and your vibration rises, your realities bleed into one another rather than you jumping from one dimensional experience to another. So you will experience a dipping in and out this is how it will manifest in your life as you rise up and up higher and higher on the spiral of evolution ever constant and unstoppable.

You can experience this directly Dear Ones, meaning the rise of dimensional energies that are available to you now that I speak of if you wish. For in this instance it can manifest as being able to receive more of my Love and more Divine Assistance as your capacity to receive increases with the increased higher vibrations that you now dwell in. Each week now you will be able to feel my presence more strongly and more tangible in the ways that works for you and you will be able to receive Divine assistance more readily and integrate it into your life more meaningfully.

This is the exponential stage of your evolution that you may have heard of before. The beginning phase of your upliftment was very slow and it has taken some people decades to reach this point in their evolution but as we advance forward this evolution will quicken and speed up and your growth will start to become exponential, this process has begun and every day now you will notice changes and shifts on an unprecedented scale.

This is a very exciting prospect for you Dear Ones, but one in which there is a paradox, meaning now more than ever you must stay absolutley focussed on the very basic concepts and spiritual truths that you have come to know. Now more than ever you must stay absolutely focussed upon that which is fundamental to keep you on the straight path. Because as things speed up, so will the seeming chaos of your planet and so will the seeming ‘chaos’ of those who have yet to awaken. This can be very disconcerting if you should slip back into their reality and have them take you down with them. This is what I mean Dear Hearts, it will happen as Dear Ones close to you start to face the consequences of their failing belief systems and ways of living, they will descend into the drama and the tragic nature of it and if you are not careful you will be dragged into it yourself.

This happens for a very simple reason. The more balanced way of dealing with walking with a Dear Brother whose life is falling apart is to remain in the heart but detached from their reality.  This can appear heartless to those who do not understand. And in your eagerness to seem helpful and loving you may make the mistake of falling into their energy of despair and hopelessness and tragedy and before you know it you yourself will be in the clutches of fear and despair without you even realising how you came to be yet again, in the depths of lower dimensional reality.

So Dear Hearts, a time to be vigilant that you are indeed following and adhering to all that you know to be true, that you stick to your path, that you remember the fundamentals of breathing, staying focussed on your INTERNAL reality, not that of those around you in your external environment. Notice when you are being pulled internally into feeling of fear and futility and take some time out even just a few minutes is all it can take, to breathe, FEEL and come back to what you know, a feeling if inner peace and a knowing that All Shall Be well no matter what is out picturing in the external environment and no matter what pain and suffering is going on all around you.

Hold your Peace Dear Hearts, now more than ever this is what is required of you.

Disengage from the illusion of fear and hopelessness that is being pumped out by the mainstream propaganda machine. Stand firm, go within, go within go within, for here you will find the All Knowing Voice of God that speaks through your heart every moment of every day. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I love you with all my heart. God Bless you, Precious Hearts.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.


AuthorGillian Ruddy