Greetings! Greetings Dear Ones! My my my what a lot of kicking and screaming is going on! Breathe with me now Dear Ones and be OK with what is unfolding around your planet and by that I mean find Peace within it. There is no doubt that the atrocities that are being committed are exactly that, abhorrent atrocities of unimaginable horror, of this there is no doubt Dear Ones and to find Peace among it is not to make light if it, so to speak, but to not engage in the drama of it. DO NOT be drawn into the ‘battle’ Dear Ones whether that be a battle for Light over dark or for Israel over Palestine or for Russia over Ukraine. Although it may not appear this way upon the surface of your Blessed planet, all the battles have been fought now Dear Ones and it is time to put down your weapons and step away from the drama, whether that be energetic weapons in your own home or guns in Gaza. More and more you are feeling this Dear Ones, Unity and an understanding of your brothers and sisters like never before. You are starting to feel the compassion and ‘oneness’ of all things. It is starting to become manifest upon your Earth as it moves from concept to reality.

Breathe into this knowing and understanding. This is how you can come to be at Peace amidst the chaos. Understand that all souls involved in the killing and those who are being killed are all in agreement at soul level to go through this last struggle before all the collective negativity is exhausted completely. Know that the negativity that is being played out spectacularly upon your planet IS collective, that means you are ALL responsible for it. There is no blame Dear Ones and there is no one to point the finger at but yourself.

Accept this and take action on it Dear Ones. Accept that we are all responsible and find that Light inside your heart that knows the interconnectedness of all life. Find that Peace within you and make it your choice every day with every brother and sister you meet in every moment of your life. Yield, give in, the battles are fought, it’s over. Let the harsh words of your brothers wash off your back like the water from a duck, smile at those who wish to stay in the drama, do not give them fuel with which to carry on, just smile and stay with yourself, stay with the internal awareness of your Peace and let no one disturb that inner sanctuary that you have made for yourself through life times and life times of spiritual practise and living lives that have brought you this point in your soul evolution. You have it all within you to ride out this storm in Peace and happiness, Love and joy.

Yes this possible Dear Ones, even if you choose to watch the images of innocent children whose lives have been taken by your war machine, it is possible to restore your Peace within when you understand that all willing participants in this game had a choice to be part of the playing out of the final death throes of 3rd dimensional duality and are to be loved, thanked and blessed for the part they are playing.

But Dear Ones let me make this quite clear, I AM not advocating that you bring yourself to Peace and sit in a false state of bliss when what is going on at so many levels is unacceptable. I am not suggesting that in finding in you own inner peace that you sit and do nothing about your world affairs. For yes, peace within is the answer and if all could come to inner peace, the world would change instantly but you are too few in number to manifest this as quickly as that and along with your peaceful intentions and prayer, thoughts and calls must come an honouring of the feelings of discontent and anger and frustration that does come when you take a look at the world around you.

Do not deny these feelings at the expense of finding Peace Dear Ones, honour what you feel in every moment, feel it but I would lovingly suggest that instead of allowing the feelings to take over you and knock you off balance, allow them to wash through you and harness that energy to be a force for good. Start to take peaceful action, start to focus upon that which you DO want to see in this world. Turn off your TV set, do not read the propaganda, the newspapers and start to focus all your attention upon that which you do want to see happening in your world. Start to look at local projects and local groups that are coming together and start putting your energy and time into the change that is happening all around you.

My meaning today Dear Ones, is simply this, in finding your Peace within, do not be tempted to submit to apathy. Do not allow the negativity to wear you down. No matter how weary you are feeling, no matter what physical symptoms you are feeling, you are stronger than all of them and you have to he tools to navigate everything that is in your path. Now is not the time to falter, now is the time to pick yourself up again and again, each time realising that you are stronger than you think, each time realising that you are made of tougher stuff than you imagined and each time finding the Divine Source of Power and strength, clarity and sense of purpose, focus and integrity that will see you through this challenging part of your journey.

Dear Ones, you are closer than you would dare believe. This is my Promise to You. Do not falter now, I AM ever near, just a breath or a thought away, to give you extra Love, extra strength and extra clarity exactly when you need it. Be at Peace, find your strength. I Love you. God Bless You.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy