Greetings Dear Ones! Dear Precious Hearts, it is I, Lord Emanuel, greetings! Greetings! How are you this day? How does this message find you this day? Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you in physical discomfort, are you grieving? Are you ecstatically happy? Or are you bored? Are you fed up? Fulfilled? Unfulfilled? Angry? At peace? Take a moment Dear Ones to find out. Ah ah ah, not so fast!! When I say take a moment, I really mean take a minute at least, to feel where you are REALLY at. That’s it Dear Ones, you know the Way now, BREATHE, yes Breathe. The all important breath, giver of life? Yes, but so much more Dear Ones, the breath is the connector, the means by which your consciousness connects with every level of your Being and how every level of your Being interconnects. A challenge to fully understand this from your perspective and state of conscious awareness but I know you can feel it. Breathe, in the Light and exhale out all worry and doubt, all fear and agitation, all dense energies just breathe breath breath them all out and then ask yourself, how am I feeling or more importantly, what wants to move?

And with this I mean that now you have come to a place of stillness, of quiet within the subatomic particles of your Being, now you can sense, feel and perceive that which is wanting to move energetically speaking. Dear Hearts within this stillness you can more accurately let what needs to arise, arise within you. This is dense energy that is ready to be released. Now this energy will show itself in emotion, sadness, anger, fear and this is quite different from the ‘How are you?' question that is polite conversation on your planet.  This is the real you, not the made up you or the face upon which you paint a happy smile. What energy is really moving underneath the words? Because this energy will give itself words…what is the story? Why are you angry/sad/hurt/feeling lost? Now this can be past trauma, life experiences that have been less than pleasant, big or small, they all count. You do not have to be the victim of physical abuse or extreme trauma to be very wounded inside, it is all relative.

So you may listen to the words to find out the origin of the energy that now wishes to leave you by expression, but they are not important and you would do well not to attach yourself to the story. It is the ENERGY that is important, notice when you tell yourself or another ‘the story’ of the energy that is moving within you, notice how it feels, how it expresses in your voice and pay attention to this rather than the words and the feeling of victimhood.

And this is not easy my Dear Ones, this is the stuff that you have NOT been willing to feel all of your life for it has been too much for you at the time. So it is not going to be easy but all I ask is you trust, trust, TRUST that all is in perfect Divine Order, that your Great God I AM Presence has everything under control and that you have not been given anything that you are not able to deal with. That is the point of it arising, Dear Ones it is arising because the time is right and the time is now for you to feel and express that which has been stored in your body, for at the time, you could not feel it fully. It has kept you safe Dear Ones for so long and it has served an excellent purpose. But it is time now to let all of that go. It is just weighing you down now Dear Hearts because to store that unexpressed energy within your body costs you every day of your life, it costs you energetically to keep a hold of that emotion within you. It literally weighs you down.

So what is moving? What is ready to be released? Are you ready? Are you willing to put down some of that weight? Will you let me take it from you?

Breathe with me now if you are willing, breathe deeply in and out and know that I AM with you. Give over to me, Lord Emanuel, all that keeps you from All That I AM.

You are held in total safety, it’s OK to let it go. Oh I know, I know how much you have suffered but it is all done now. Hand over the very last of the human consciousness that you have lived for millions of years, let it go into the Sea of Eternal Forgetfulness, where all that is useless, all that need not be a part of your Great future will sail away for eternity.

Let me hold you now, lay your body down if you need to. All is Well. All things Shall be Well, this is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and this is The Way of the Heart. God Bless you and all who walk this path behind me, let my Light show you The Way. I Love you beyond measure, your bravery and courage is second to none.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy