Greetings! Greetings Dear Ones, can you feel it? Can you feel the Love that is in every breath you take? Be still Dear Ones, be still in this moment, be in this moment completely still and surrender yourself to what is available to you right now. Feel your Mother Earth under your feet even if it is through the floorboards and your feet are not actually on her body directly, feel Her anyway through your feet. Allow yourself to anchor deep within your Mother and feel the Love from Her as you do this, you are her child that she Loves so deeply. Breathe and be still. Silence the chatter in your mind and breathe out all the worries of your day. Feel your crown opening to the Heavens, your Father, open up up up and connect high above you reaching into the cosmos and feel the Love of your Father flow down and into you, His child. Breathe breathe breathe into that deep deep unconditional Love that is in every breath and if you will allow is now in every cell of your body and breathe breath breathe and be still in the bliss of this.

And what do you find in this place Dear Ones? Breathe and be still. Close your eyes if you prefer and just be here. Allow that Love to flow in and out with your breath allow that Love to circulate in your body, the breath like a pump carrying that life force around your body, bathing all your internal organs, what is here Dear Ones? Take in as much of this Love as you will allow, and make no mistake, there is a limitless supply of this Love and you are only limited by what you can allow in, which is limited by your ability to bypass the mind and and the stored density in your body. Where you are on your path is another way to express this with words. There are no limits other than those that you place upon yourself. And that is OK. Be OK with where you are and what you can manage and just be with the Love that you can bring into your beautiful mind, body and soul and every level upon which you exist.

What is left when you strip it all away Dear Ones? It is YOU. The Essence of you, your Truth, your true nature, God In Action. And as before you can only understand this to the limits that you place upon yourself and that is OK. Be still and know that you are God in whatever way is available to you today. Be happy and in appreciation for what you can feel and what you can understand in this moment, it is more than you think if you will allow.

Breathe with me now Dear Ones, and as someone who has walked this journey upon your Blessed Earth before you, as one who has overcome the human limitations, allow me to be with you now if it feels good and right to do so. Let me Be with you. Breathe again with me now. Feel my presence and once more, let me allow you to feel what it is like to be more elevated than where you are now. Allow allow allow. And let me show you what you are holding on to that is impeding your path. Let me help you. For in reality there really is nothing in your way but that which you place there yourself, and that which you will not surrender. It’s OK Dear Ones, it’s OK. Everything is acceptable and everything is perfect just as it is right now. Rest in the Peace that this brings when you fully embrace it and allow that into your belief system. Nothing is not as it should be and everything is unfolding for your greater good and for your growth as a soul having this experience on Earth.

You cannot know what lies ahead of you and it really does you not much good at all if you do know all the details of the path that you will follow that WILL lead you Home to the Kingdom of God Within.

So surrender. To this moment NOW.

And take every step from this place slowly and steadily.

With as much awareness as you can muster in every moment. ‘Be as a servant awaiting the arrival of his Master’ is recorded in religious text. By this I meant, be fully present. Always. To what is unfolding NOW.

Here you will find a Peace that until now has been out of your reach. Surrender Dear Ones. Surrender all control. Just let go. Let me hold you in your fear. It’s OK Dear Ones, All Shall be well and more. This is my Promise to You. Be at Peace. I AM Lord Emanuel and I AM always with you. God Bless You.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy