Greetings! Greetings! Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel, here to be with you this day with much gusto! Hello, hello, hello! How are we today my Dear Precious Hearts? Still have many of you to realise just how precious you are. And that is OK. But I ask you now to breathe into the magnificence that you are, breathe breathe breathe into the magnificence that you are and that is all around you even if you don’t believe or understand your own magnificence, how about just for this moment you suspend your belief and just imagine that you are magnificent. Let’s pretend! Be childlike, throw off your worries and burdens just for this moment, go back to your childlike innocence and wonder and just imagine what it would feel like and be like to be magnificent beyond your wildest dreams. Breathe into that now Dear Ones, and yes, I AM with you and as you breathe I will be filling you up with your own magnificence, I will be helping the process along if you will, magnifying your experience. If you will allow and it feels good to do so, of course.

Expand expand expand yourself, feel your Greatness, feel your expansive nature, feel that you are more than your physical body, feel that you are so much more than that Dear Ones. And many of you have experienced this in meditation, but how about you live from this state? How about you make your life a living meditation that you live from this expanded state, move through your ordinary day from this place of expansion? Does everything look smaller? Do all your troubles seem insignificant from here? Maybe, maybe not, but how about, if not, expand yourself MORE until you are bigger than anything that you feel may be engulfing you.

And this is how to approach your daily life Dear Ones, yes I know you will forget that you are magnificent and All-powerful as you open another letter demand for your money or hear another chaotic disturbance in your outer world, more atrocity and more discord among the people of Earth, I know Dear Hearts that this will pull you out of your remembrance of who you are but how about using the opportunity of being pulled out, to pull yourself back in?

Every time Dear Ones, you feel down hearted or overwhelmed just breathe, it is that simple. Breathe into the knowing that you are an expansive multi-dimensional Being that is so much more than the troubles of your Blessed Planet. From here, from this perspective you can understand the power that you have within you for you are larger than all of this. Expand yourself Dear Ones, until you engulf whatever it is that is troubling you and simple breathe into the feeling that seems to have overtaken you. Breathe, expand and breathe into the FEELING and it will dissipate and you will easily and swiftly return to Peace. If you do not and if this is not swift then take the time to sit in the feeling for as long as it takes to dissolve and dissipate. It will not be as long as you expect it might be, have the courage to face it head on and you will find that is it is easier than you think.

Do you see your power now Dear Ones? Do you see the power you have when you make it your priority to keep yourself at Peace? Do you see now from an expanded state that you have the power to influence your entire planet? Do you see now how by doing this collectively it does not take a huge number of you to be consistently in this place to bring about massive change in your world, compared to the number of people upon your Earth?

Dear Ones, do not despair, can you see that you are already doing this? Dear Ones, it may seem that you are collectively sliding into more chaos as the dense energies have no power, no hold upon your planet anymore but as the darkness slides into ever more powerless chaos, the Light shall visibly rise, already you have risen to a point that is unstoppable and I know that you can feel it, if you will still yourself enough. Your Victory is won.

Dear Ones, all there is to do now, more than ever, is to stay your course, hold your own Peace, be not concerned with those around you. Your Love for your fellow is not in question, but now is the time to put all your attention within yourself, for this is where your power lies.

Hold your Peace, stay on course and remember you have all the assistance available to you from the Ascended Realm and the Archangelic and the Angelic Realms to help you achieve this. Call upon them Dear Ones, call my name when you feel unable to hold your own Peace and we will descend upon you and cover you in a blanket of Peace, calm, and tranquillity. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I love your Precious Souls. If only you could see yourself with my eyes. I Love you beyond measure. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy