Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel come to be with you this day for a rather different and special reason. I come to be with you to bring news of artwork that has been given to the messenger to produce on my behalf. Long has the messenger struggled with her Divine Mission and these paintings have been available to her for some time. She has overcome her own trials and initiations to come to this place this day when we can offer them to you.

They are my Seraphim Angels and The Sacred Heart of Divine Love. And are given to you to serve as a reminder, in those moments when you may forget yourself and as a comforter to comfort you in times of need. They are a visual reminder to breathe, be at Peace and find that connection in your Heart, your own Divine Love. They carry a healing frequency that will connect you with the help you require in any given moment. Of course you need no painting to do this but they provide you with visual assistance if you will.

Each painting is specifically Created through the messenger for you individually and will help you gain access to your own God Self, your I AM Presence.

Most of all they are to give you pleasure and joy! Delight in yourself my Dear Precious Children of God for you are a joy to behold! Trust me when I tell you that All is in Divine Perfect Order and All Shall Be Well. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you beyond measure. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy