Greetings! Greetings! Dear Ones it is I, Lord Emanuel come to be among you this day! I AM here, I AM come. Deep breath Dear Ones, deep breath. Breathe me in, feel my presence in whatever way I appear to you, feel me now, I AM with you. I AM with you, I always have been and I always will be. So alone you feel on this path sometimes and it can be such a challenge for those of you who do not come into regular contact with those of like mind. Those of you on the leading edge, on the outposts, among the mass of the people who yet remain asleep, yes this can seem a lonely path indeed. Which is why I promised I would come to you, for comfort and assistance when you feel this loneliness touch your heart.

For you know it is an illusion and yet it can seem so real. Knowing that separation is an illusion does not help you when this loneliness takes hold of you. It is all part of your experience and when this feeling comes upon you Dear Ones, breathe breathe breathe, expand expand expand, do not fear the loneliness, expand into it and around it and simply call my name or indeed the name of any Ascended Master, Archangelic Presence or your own Lord God of your Being your Great God I AM.

Call upon this Higher connection that is but one breath away. Patience patience patience is required Dear Ones, your family is coming, your soul family are coming. You see Dear Ones, you incarnate upon this Earth to complete a mission, a Sacred Quest if you will, and you do not come down here to do this alone, in the Higher realms and in the physical realm you have family and assistance available to you at all times. By the nature of the incarnation system as it is at present your soul family are scattered which makes you feel alone and lost, sometimes you feel the burden you bear is all yours to carry and this can seem too much at times.

But Dear Brave Hearts, you are not alone in an etheric sense and in a very real physical sense and feel your hearts now Dear Ones, they are calling out a song so beautiful it would make angels cry, a song that is yours, a frequency that is unique to you and your hearts are singing louder than ever calling calling calling out to other hearts who know your song. And that call is irresistible, that call you cannot ignore. Well you might, try you might to ignore the call of your own heart but you will not be able to resist or ignore it and walk a fulfilled and happy life. This is the truth of the matter. So resist you may, but it will only befall you an emptiness and a feeling of missing something and a lack of fulfilment.

And you did not come here for that kind of life Dear Ones, you know this by now! You are the bravest of the brave, the fearless Ones who lead the Way and you did not come here for a life of mediocrity!! And you would do very well indeed to follow the calling of your own heart for it is leading you to your family, to your real soul family whose purpose in life, among other things, is to assist you, support you and help you fulfil your mission on Earth which is often closely linked to those of your soul family and in some cases is the same.

Do not be down hearted Dear Ones, you are weary, I know, but breathe now into your heart and into that loneliness and expand again yourself and feel your heart calling and know that your family can hear you, have heard you and are answering your call. Slowly but surely you will manoeuvre yourselves into place and your soul groups and families will gather.

How will I know? How will I know?? Dear Ones, Dear Ones, you make Emanuel chuckle this day!! Stop stop stop with the spinning of the mind, how will you know? My goodness have I taught you nothing?!! I am joking of course, my Precious Hearts be still your incessant mind!!

Dear Precious Ones your heart will know! You must trust this to be so and by now you are well in practise of listening to your heart, of stilling yourself for a time each day to listen to the needs and desires of your heart. For this is the Voice of God. Your heart can never be wrong. And it will take all your courage now Dear Ones, to follow the calling of your heart. Do you have this courage? Yes, you do Dear Ones for you are handpicked to be here at this time and you are reading these words which means I know you personally and you have been chosen BECAUSE you are brave enough. You have shown this to be so over many many life times upon this Earth and in other galaxies on other missions eons before that. So you do have the courage Dear Ones but the courage comes when you take the first step and never before!

Take that first step in the direction of your heart and the floodgates of help will fly open for you to line up everything you need to take the next step and the next step and so on and so on.  Dear Ones, if your heart is calling you to take a step that seems impossibly big or perhaps is a move that seems impossibly far or uncomfortable, just breathe and take an honest look at what is really serving you where you are now and in what you have now. Shake yourself loose from the shackles you have made for yourself in the form of what you call ‘ties’ to one place, one home or one area of the world.

Dear Ones your family is calling you and you them. And it is time to stay open to the messages and signals, calling cards and signs from GOD I AM that is all around you that will gently lead you and show you the Way.

My Dear Hearts, what courage you have shown already, what tenacity, what staying power, what strength, you have surpassed yourself and all expectations of the Higher Realms. You are striding through these challenging times even though you might not see it that way. I do, I see you and you are all stepping along perfectly upon your own Path of Light and you are Loved beyond measure. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love your Precious Hearts. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy