Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Master Jesus, your Beloved Lord Emanuel that comes to be with you again this day. And we have been together so many times now in this life time and what makes this seem so much like second nature to you is because we have walked many life times together and indeed many of you walked with me during my incarnation here upon this Blessed Earth. Your feet walked beside mine, you voices sang along with mine, your ears heard my words and your bodies took in the energy of that time. This is not new to you Dear Ones, this is not new to you and I AM simply here to remind you of that which you already know within you.

Because I have walked this path before you, because I was the embodiment of the Great God I AM upon your Earth, I can assist you on your path behind me. I have laid the trail of Light for you to follow and although each individual upon the path will see and experience a very different path to any other individual, the path is the same, it is the path of Light Home to yourself, the Great God I AM.

So breathe now my Dear Ones and you may feel me instantly now such has been our time together this lifetime, such has been your dedicated study and dedicated footsteps, one in front of the other that has led you to this moment and such is the energy upon this Earth, the level of the Light of God that is upon this Blessed Earth makes it now possible Dear Ones that you may feel me instantly as soon as your attention is placed upon me.

Intensify this now Dear Hearts if it feels good to you to do so and breathe in the Light of God deep into your lungs, allow in the Holy Spirit to fill your lungs and exhale out all doubt, all fear, all control, breathe it all out. This should feel like such a relief to you Dear Ones, let go let go let go. That’s it, breathe in again deep deep deep in breath and out again and now do this as often as you can, 7 times is enough and then be still Dear Ones, be still and wait for me if you cannot already feel my presence.

Dear Ones I have walked this path and it gives me the power and the authority to bestow upon you gifts that will help you along the same path I have lain before you. Allow allow allow is all that you need do. There is no work to be done now Dear Ones, you have accomplished all that you need to with hard work through the toil of previous incarnations, through suffering greatly, through experiencing great riches and all the trials that brings unto you. You have experienced all there is to experience and now you can lie back and relax and know that you need do absolutely nothing but allow. Let go. Allow and receive the Light of God and all the Blessings and gifts that are available you.

Can you do this Dear Ones? Can you relinquish the control that you have believed that you have over life? For so long you have wandered without a conscious connection to God I AM. So long have you wandered in this seeming separation that you have forgotten that you are not in charge here! You are not in control of that which is uncontrollable. This is but an illusion and the more you try to control your life, to focus on every single detail of how things are going to be and how you will ‘make it‘ in this life the more life slips through your fingers. Your God Presence I AM has your back in ways that you could never imagine, trust this and let go.

Let GO let go let go Dear Ones, And I understand how scary this is, I understand that it feels like jumping off a cliff to some of you especially those who cling on the hardest to that which they have no control. It feels like a blind leap of faith but I ask you to make that leap every single day of your life Dear Ones. This is not just an idea or a concept, this is something that you must do consciously and make a choice every single day.

Dear Ones I said unto you in my last address that you have reached the finishing line. But so many of you cannot see this, too busy are you controlling and holding on and still attempting to control that which is outside of you, still trying to mould and change that which is outside of you that you do not have the eyes to see or the ears to hear that you are already there. Stand still, let go, allow and receive and you will see the finishing line up ahead, it is closer than you can imagine, or can you? Breathe into your heart and know this to be true and know that all you need do is allow it to be so.

It is time Dear Ones, for an end to all suffering. You have carried great weights Dear Ones over the years and over your many lifetimes, just as I carried the suffering of mankind, so too have you to a lesser degree, you feel and carry the suffering of all mankind and it is time to put that load down, all of it. Give to me the last of that which you still hold on to and know that you are free. I will take it. This is my promise unto you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I will walk with you all the Way Home.  God Bless your precious Hearts.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy