Greetings Dear Ones!! Greetings Greetings! It is I, your Lord Emanuel here today to be with you again my Dear precious Hearts. How are you this fine day Dear Ones? How does this message find you? You can tell me, all that you cannot share with another, all that you do not dare share with another, you can tell me. I AM your Brother and I do not judge you Dear Ones but I can take from you that which is causing you a burden and I can lift off of you some of that weight you are carrying if you would allow me to do so. Dear Ones, you carry such a silent burden, a private hell if you like, of self judgement, guilt, shame and blame. This is a self inflicted unnecessary burden and if you will let me I can help you release that which is not yours to carry.

Some of you have so much shame you dare not share it with another human being. Dear Ones, let me be that ear, let me sit awhile with you and listen with no judgement to your stories that you are so ashamed of, the stories that you are so afraid to speak out loud because you deem them so terrible. And know this Dear Ones, there is nothing you can tell me that I do not know about you already. I see all of you all of the time and there is nothing that you could share with me that would not make me Love you more. Because Dear Ones let me remind you of something you already know but that which you might have forgotten, Dear Hearts, there is no judgement except that which you place upon yourself. It is your own judgement of yourself that creates that energy within you, the energy of guilt and shame, the energy of self loathing and unworthiness. You, Dear Ones are at odds with you, you are in conflict with yourself, no one else. And it might manifest itself in your life as conflict with another… ‘if only that person would stop acting like that I would be able to stay calm and loving’…..‘if only that person would stop being an idiot I’d feel OK’. Conflict outside of yourself is a manifestation of conflict within.

Dear Ones, please stop and take a second to actually breathe into that reality. Because I know you have heard this before, I know you are not new to this concept but really breathe into it and ask yourself, have I been in conflict with anyone recently or am I in a constant state of connected bliss? Dear Ones, take an honest inventory of yourself and please, now is not the time to walk along the road of thinking that you know all this. To err is to be human, that is if there was such a thing as erring which of course there is not, you just cannot be wrong in the eyes of your Mother-Father God. But you get my meaning Dear Ones, we all still harbour feelings of blame for others for the wrong in the outer world. We still find ‘enemies’ with which to place our blame upon for the state of the world, for the hatred among human kind, for the wars and the hunger, the suffering and the seemingly endless greed and corruption.

Take a deep breath Dear Ones and be still with this for a moment and really feel how much of you still is caught in this external blame for the way things are.

And take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth, long and slow, deep deep breaths, breathe in the Light and exhale out all that guilt and density all that shame and more density, all that blame and even more density and be still, feel my presence with you feel all the Love that is available to you in this moment, just allow all that feeling to rise up and out, know that I AM with you, know that you are safe, know that I AM holding you, know that I Love you, I Love you, I Love you.

And breathe out all that energy, all that emotion that you have been holding on to just let it flow out of you like a river, make none of it wrong feel the release like a dam bursting and if you feel safe to do so, let go some more, I can hold you, you are surrounded by Divine Love, you are Divine Love, everything else is non truth.

You are Divine Love that is all you are. Everything else that expresses through you is a life time of pain and hurt gathered from a life in seeming separation, karmic debt from life times past, ancestral karma that was nothing to do with you directly, conditioning, programming, it is all not you and never was. Only that which is coming from Love is truly you and truly who you are. Allow all of that density to leave you now. Trust that I can hold the space for you to allow that to happen with Ease and Grace. I AM with you, I AM with you.

Breathe and relax. Breath and relax in the knowing that all this seeming separation is coming to an end, all the pain and suffering, all the karmic debts and conditioning, all the programming and everything that has up till now, run you and taken you away from all that you are is about to come to an end.

Run around in joy Dear Children of God! Shed that density like clothes, dirty old rags that have been draped around your body for far too long, throw them off, reveal yourself!!! And run and jump and leap and sing in the absolute freedom and joy of recognising that which you are. A magnificent Creator being of immense proportion, a multi-dimensional free sovereign Being of such radiant Light it is blinding.

Dear Ones, let it all go. It’s over, you are at the finishing line. You made it. Let it all go now. Blame no one for your shortcomings, blame no one for your emotional state, blame no one for the state of the world, blame no one for anything discordant but yourself.

You are Master now, you are Master of your Universe, YOU control that which is outside of you. If it is discordant then it is coming from within you and nowhere else. Take charge now my Dear precious Hearts, let go of my hand and stand beside me, as tall as me and be the Master that you are. I AM Lord Emanuel and I am proud beyond words of you and all that you have achieved. I can only ask that you breathe into that for me so that I may transfer my feelings unto you for words are no good here today. I Love you. God Bless you. I AM forever in your service.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy