My goodness, my goodness, my goodness! Here I AM! I AM come! It is I, Lord Emanuel my dear, dear Beloved Friends, my heart is overjoyed to be among you again this day, truly I am so grateful and Blessed to be here and to be received by so many of you whose hearts sing with Joy upon feeling my energy. And do you know why this is? Because I know you and your heart knows me? Remember me?!

If you are in any doubt whatsoever I urge you with all of my Being to discern for yourself Dear Ones. Oh yes, we are hearing this all the time discernment, discernment, discernment…and rightly so my Dear Ones, never has it been more important than now that you learn to put into practise that which you already know, there is only One Truth and it is yours and it resides within your heart.

Ask your heart now, is this my Beloved Emanuel? And wait Dear Ones, take some sacred breaths in through your nose and one big long exhale out through your mouth if that feels comfortable, and really go for it if you feel safe to do so. Inhale long and deep and with feeling and exhale the same way as if you are ridding yourself of all density and all negativity to leave you clean and clear, expansive and peaceful and from THIS place, ask yourself, who is this energy? Breathe me in, it is I and your heart will know.

We have walked this path together before my Dear Ones, meaning each and every one of you who reads these messages, whose heart sings as the words enter your consciousness and whose tears run down your cheeks as you open to the truth that I AM here, I AM come to you again. Just like I promised I would. Each and every one of you who reads these messages have walked many life times intertwined in the Great Divine Plan…in the execution, the deliverance of the Great Divine Plan to restore your Blessed planet Earth to the precious jewel that she once was and will be again.

Many, many life times you have walked upon this Blessed Earth to get here, to this moment in time and before that you came from all over, from every realm of Creation you have come, you heard the cries of our Lady Gaia, you heard the pain and suffering of the peoples of Earth and you came in your hundreds of thousands to the Clarion Call that was put out across all of Creation, yes you my friend I AM talking directly to you.

We have woven many a Grand Plan and it has been an integral part of your existence for every life time you have been here either directly or indirectly, every life time adding to the great unfoldment of the Divine Plan. You have been well trained as well as completing specific missions, adding little pieces of the puzzle, laying down little ‘stitches’ that all add up to one great Almighty tapestry of Perfection that will restore this magnificent planet to her Original Divine blueprint. You resonate with these messages because you have served with me and under me and for me and the Ascended Realm throughout the rolling out of this Great Plan.

I promised you I would never leave you, that you would not be left here alone or without the support and guidance that you need. Now you are all waking up to the fact that your own guidance comes from within you, this is first and foremost where you get your direction and purpose every minute of every day by listening to the whisperings of your heart and the feelings and emotions that life causes you to have.

By having the courage to follow exactly that which you sense, feel and know to be true then you walk the straight and narrow path of your purpose and mission here upon this planet and as long as you stay out of judgement of what that should look like and be open to it looking like anything possible, even if it breaks all your preconceived ideas of what you think you should be doing, you must be brave enough to allow it to be so, to let life unfold just as it is meant to for you. Trust this process and be brave enough to allow your feelings to guide you.

So you do not need me to guide you, you came here with that hard wired into you, you are never alone, you are permanently connected to God/dess  All There Is and always have been.

So why do you need me? Why does your heart feel so moved to be touched by my energy? Why do you feel such relief to know that I never left you that I AM always here?

Because you are human and sometimes you forget all that you have inside of you, sometimes you need that comfort, sometimes you need to be reminded of that which you already know, sometimes you need a boost of Divine Love that comes from outside of yourself through another Being because you do not have the strength or the Will to do it yourself.

Dear Ones, we all need help, I do not walk my path without the direct guidance of Higher Beings. Lord Maitraya was my Master teacher as I walked this Earth. We all need the assistance of those who have gone before us for that support and help and understanding the day that we are too weak to remember, too scared to go on, too desperate to trust our own inner voice.

My Dear Ones my message to you today is the same message I always come to bring. The Way of the Heart. Breathe into your heart now, feel that expansion with every breath. This is where you find God I AM.

‘Where God is I AM. Where I AM God is.’

Listen, listen, listen to your heart and follow it fearlessly like the Brave Warriors of Light that you truly are. Take moment to feel how far you have come. Take a moment to breathe in the magnificence that you are.

You are loved beyond your understanding in the Higher Realms and we are with you every step of the Way to provide assistance as well as guidance, within Universal Law. We are all in this together and your Light is Victorious and you have yet to understand the implications of that which you have achieved to far. You cannot fathom with your human mind the importance and significance of what you have achieved. 

Stand strong Precious Hearts, the Kingdom of Heaven is within your grasp. This is my Promise to you. You will have to trust me on that. I AM Lord Emanuel and I am kissing each one of you on the forehead as you read these words. I Love you. God Bless your precious, precious hearts. I AM with You.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy