I AM here, I AM come Dear Ones, it is I, Lord Emanuel here to be with you this day. And I mean actually BE with you. Sense my presence now, take a moment to take some deep breaths into your abdomen, deep down into your belly and exhale out all the thoughts and concerns of this day. Continue you to do this for as long as it feels comfortable to do so or until you feel a deep sense of stillness, calm and connection. Now sense my Presence with you, take a moment and Dear Ones do not rush this process. Be here now, there is no time which means there is no rush, we are not going anywhere and the deeper you connect the deeper you will sense ‘no time’ where we are abundantly together with all the time in the world, all the Love in the world, all the Peace in the world, All There Is available to you is available to you right now in this infinite place.

Dear Ones if you will allow me to assist you to amplify this feeling take a few more breaths and ask me directly to assist you to find this place if infinity, where all things are possible in this place of no time. Thank you. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to assist you and serve you in this way. Dear Ones many many many of you are ‘getting it' as you would say. If there was anything to get that is! What I mean to say is that you have come such a long way Dear Ones, such a long way indeed. You are here and you can experience no time if you will allow yourself. That is immense growth and evolution in what in reality is a very short time.

And I know you feel Dear Ones, like you have been walking this path a very long time and Precious Hearts in truth you have. In truth you have been preparing for this life time for longer than you can fathom right now. So you can be forgiven for feeling a little weary and for thinking that this road in this dimensional reality is never ending. But I ask you to take a moment Dear Ones and again with my assistance, take a moment to FEEL just how far you have come.

Breathe again with me now Dear Ones if it feels good for you to do so, allow me to flood your body with a heightened awareness of your abilities now. Breathe deeply, feel my presence and be Still and when it feels comfortable to do so return your breathing to normal but keep your focus upon your gentle breath. Allow allow allow Dear Ones. Be still in this place for as long as you are comfortable and FEEL.

Now do you see? Now do you have a clear understanding of just how far you have come? Your greater talents and abilities are starting to show through if you will only but take the time to recognise this. Acknowledge this and take a moment to appreciate yourself and all that you have achieved.

Dear Ones, many of you walk this path alone, may be not physically alone, meaning you have family and friends but many of you walk this path with no one around you who really understands the path that you are on. We are all on the road home Dear Ones, make no mistake about that, each and every individual is contributing to the greater unfolding whether they are aware of it or not but you are aware Dear ones, you are aware of who you are and why you are here at this time. This can be lonely and it can be isolating for you are on the leading edge, you are the Way Showers.

It is very easy in this place to forget to take the time to appreciate yourself, to acknowledge yourself in all that you have done to get to this moment in time right now. Take a breath and take a moment Precious Hearts to just say Thank you to yourself, to say well done to yourself, to say nice job to yourself, wrap your arms around you if it feels good to do so and give YOURSELF a hug. Look how far you have come!

And just think Dear Hearts these are only the first baby steps into a world of limitless potential. You think the Divine Love that is pouring on you now feels good? This is but a tiny fraction of what is available to you and what will come unto you as you keep stepping one foot in front of the other into the Light. This I my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel. Infinite legions of Beings of Light are cheering you on to your Victory. God Bless your Precious Hearts.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy