Yes, yes, yes I AM here I AM come. Greetings Dear Ones it is I, Lord Emanuel come to be with you again this day. And as you well know by now Dear Ones, I AM with you now, each of you individually as you read these words I AM with you. Feel my presence as you read these words, if necessary pause for a second and close your eyes, breathe deeply into your abdomen and exhale out all your thoughts and all your worries of the day, breathe deeply in the Light and exhale and as you exhale imagine all your energy dropping out of your head and running down into your heart like sand in an hour glass, pouring pouring pouring down into your heart space and rest your attention there with your awareness only on your breath. And wait for me, or should I say wait until you can sense my presence.

Ah good Dear Ones, it is always a good idea just to take these precious few extra minutes to get here with me, to arrive here, fully present and fully in your body and preferably fully in your heart as you read these words with me. As you also know by now, there is a great deal of healing energy available to you each tailored to your individual needs as filtered by your Great God Presence I AM for what you need precisely in this moment of time. Breathe that in Dear Ones, this is for you and you only. Like a little dose of medicine to you from you to assist you in your Earthly journey.

And all of this was brought into being by you. These messages are written only for you, they are uniquely gifted to you by you and this goes for everything in Creation Dear Ones. Indeed everything without exception has been called into your being by yourself, brought into your reality if you like to use that word, by yourself whether it be by your thought forms emanating from your human vessel or whether it be by previous design by your Great God self and you before you entered the physical body. Either way, everything, in every moment that is in your awareness and reality has been brought to you and created by you and is exactly for you witnessed and experienced uniquely by you.

Take a moment to breathe into that my Dear Ones. Deep breath into that Truth. What does this mean for you today? I am sure that you have all at least read about the concept that you are the Creators of your own reality but how many of you are willing to understand that WITHOUT EXCEPTION and if you will allow it to be so, how many of you are willing to accept that it can be only interpreted as all for your greater good and the greater good of All? Now that can be a hard pill to swallow can’t it my Dear Ones?!

Yes indeed the hardest pill to swallow when you have been raised in duality, when you have been raised by adults with limited awareness and separated consciousness. We are raised to blame others for our misfortune, my goodness wars are fought and millions of lives are sacrificed in the same vein of blame of another for the misfortunes of entire nations. Breathe and let go of the notion that anything in your reality is brought about by anything other than yourself.

Deep breath.

A sobering thought when you have acted from defence and hurt perceiving that another has attacked you, betrayed you, lied to you, cheated on you, hurt you, abandoned you, on and on it goes Dear Ones until you stop the cycle of blame and hurt. And you my Beautiful, Precious souls are here to end that seemingly endless cycle of hurt and pain, reaction and blame.

YOU are here to end it once and for all upon your Beloved Earth and when you align with the Divine in your own Being your outer world will also align with the Divine and All shall be at Peace on your Earth, do you see Dear Ones?

Accept and embrace everything in your reality as the Divine Order of things playing out for your Greater and Higher Good. Dear Ones, very soon the whole world will come to know that the Divine, your Mother-Father God, is Love. And if you choose to embrace yourself as part of the Divine whole that you are you can then see that you are only Love, that the Universe is only Love and everything in your reality is a communication of Love and nothing else. Only your perception of that which is out picturing can be anything less than Love, even when it seems to be coming from an absence of Love.

Take a deep breath Dear Ones. You are Love and you are loved. It is all around you, in every moment you are held, safely. It is time to end the separation and the illusion that in every moment you are alone.

Pay your bills from this place! You are loved and there is enough. Fill up your car with fuel from this place, you are Loved and there is enough and Mother Earth can and will heal from this and there will be energy enough for all. Look upon your enemy from this place, you are Love and they are just hurting from the pain of their separation from God and anything they say or do is just yet another opportunity given to you by the Divine to realise this Love within you no matter what is out picturing or coming at you, for what is on the outside NEVER matters. You are Divine through and through from the INSIDE out. Be this, act this, breathe this every moment of every day. Stand in the power and authority that is Almighty Love and all will be given unto you my sweet Children of God. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love your Precious Hearts. God Bless you. Step into the Light as you are doing every day. You cannot fail.

Dear Ones, I invite you to stay with me awhile and let us integrate all of that. Just as long as you like.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy