Greetings Dear Ones, it is I, Lord Emanuel, I AM here, I AM come unto you this day. And it is a struggle these days to get through to you, these are challenging times for all of you and the messenger goes through her own trials and tribulations as well as her day-to-day life that is somewhat chaotic at present. But I AM here!  And I AM so very grateful to be here, I will always get through, like all of you this messenger is well prepared for her job at hand. Like all of you, it is no accident that you are here and reading these messages, I know you all personally and you all have your part to play whether or not you are aware of that role now or not, be in no doubt that you all have an important part to play in the great unfoldment of these times. Like this messenger you can and you are getting through these challenging times. Some of you are going through great changes and great dramas are playing out, some of you are going through small inconveniences that seem to be never ending that make life quite unenjoyable, some of you are physically worn down and some of you are feeling all at the same time.

Dear Ones, rest assured, you are all fit for this job that you find yourself in, you are all more than capable of withstanding all that life is bringing to you, yes you are. Dear Ones, take a deep breath and connect deeper with me now. Deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth several times as much as feels comfortable to you and enough that you feel still and calm and all the stresses of the day are exhaled out of you.

Let it all go, it is just you and me, be aware of only your breath and let all background noises only relax you more and eventually fade out. Dear Ones, I AM with you now, do not proceed until you are quite sure you know beyond all doubt that I AM with you. And breathe. Breath in the Love that is all around you as if through your skin, receive receive receive all that is available to you in this moment. You are surrounded in Golden Light, breathe it in through every pore in your skin and breathe it into every cell in you body.

Dear Ones, some of you are forgetting how resilient you are. Some of you are succumbing to all that is bombarding you at this time. Many of you are aware of the tactics of the dark but sometimes this is not to your advantage but is to theirs. For knowledge is power only if you do not allow it to turn into fear. The dark’s ways only work because you have not yet realised your full power as sovereign human beings. Many of you have yet to take your power back, many of you have not yet declared unto your own God self that you will be enslaved no more.

Awareness of dark control techniques can be a hindrance when it is taken on board as inevitable that it will affect you. My Dear Hearts this is not true and in some ways they are not scared that you know what they are up to, how they daily bring you down in a myriad of ways to keep you quiet, dysfunctional and asleep. Knowledge is only power if you then take action or do something to prevent daily bombardment.

Stand in your power Dear Ones and declare for the whole Universe to hear that you will not be controlled by any force outside of yourself, by any interference from anything that is not you own God Self.

Dear Ones, if you will allow me the privilege of giving you an amplified experience of your own power, take a deep breath and sense my presence, feel your own power, connect to your Great God Presence I AM through the crown of your head, breathe into yourself, the Light of your Soul. Let it filter down into every cell in your body, feel your power, feel your magnificence, feel your greatness, feel your expansiveness, feel your purity, your strength, your will, your pure heart and expand expand expand to the size of the planet and beyond. Breathe. Be Still and know that you are God.

Now Dear Ones, what insignificant interference from anything that wishes to do you no good can touch you? Nothing can touch you Dear Ones, nothing. Make it so. Command it so and know it in every ounce of your Being and project this out into the world with all your magnificent radiance.

None shall touch you, none shall harm you. Operate in the outer world with this awareness and this knowing. Clean your house with your own powers of Light, command that nothing that is not of the Light can enter your domain.

And then give the dark none of your time or thought. Focus only on that which you want to see in your outer world. Focus only on the Peace that dwells within you and so shall it be on Earth. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and together we shall prevail. God Bless you all Precious Hearts. You are so dearly Loved and you are so safely held. I will stay with you now for as long as you can stay present to me.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy