Dear Ones I AM here, I AM come, yes indeed, not as directly as I would like but at present this is as good as it gets, for now. Dear Hearts your experience here and now very much depends on how willing you are to trust and let go. How near to you I can be in this moment is all dependant on you and how much you will allow yourself to trust and let go and receive what is here for you in this moment. Take a breath Dear Ones and know that although these words you are reading are coming through a messenger’s body, I AM with you, know that I AM Lord Emanuel and I AM here with you now.

These messages are encoded to enable you to receive me deeper that you would by yourself. Take a deep breath Dear Ones and I will be with you. Keep breathing in through the nose, a long inhale of the Light and exhale out through the mouth, a long exhale of all the density and all the thoughts of this day.

Dear Ones, a great many of you are now doing this every time you read these words and are reaping great rewards in your personal lives. For those of you who enjoy the energy and wisdom contained within the words but do not yet fully immerse yourself in the experience, for it is an experience Dear Ones, not just flat words on a page, for those of you who are yet to fully immerse yourselves, and there is no wrong in that, know that every individual has sovereign free will to do as they please and All Is Well, but if you still hesitate to dive deep, I lovingly urge you now to take a nose dive into this experience where All There Is to receive is infinite Love. Dive into the Infinite Ocean of Love that is here for you now. Allow my energy to amplify this feeling for you so that you are left in no doubt what is available to you in every minute of every day if you will but allow it to be so.

Precious Hearts, a great many of you are continuing to move through the releasing of your density. This means in reality a lot of painful and challenging things are shifting around in your lives and it may seem like life is getting worse, more chaotic and unpredictable and more of a struggle. Dear Ones you must stay strong in the knowing that this will pass and although it feels like it is going on and on and there is no end, trust me when I say you will be though this phase of growth sooner than you may think and you will be out the other side and you will be too busy in awe of the perfection and wonder of what is transpiring to remember all the struggle you went through.

And remember the powerful visual demonstration of the exquisite butterfly. Never forget the seemingly impossible struggle it is for that creature to be free of its cocoon and do not forget the strength that it gains from its struggle and most important of all do not forget the magnificence in which the butterfly emerges, do not forget the beauty, perfection, ease and grace with which the butterflies takes its first flight up up and away from the struggle that freed itself.

Your struggle will be a fleeting memory that will fade and fade until it is lost forever and consumed in the Sea of Eternal Forgetfulness where all useless things, all memories, words, deeds and actions that were not conducive to your growth will melt away into. Forever forgotten.

Dear Ones, remember this as you go through the last of your shedding of the old density that has held you down in bondage for millions of years. And I say this not to distract you for you must feel all there is to feel as it leaves you otherwise it will stay locked in your physicality, Dear Ones hard as it is you must feel it all as it exits your being forever. Do not use the coming Bliss to wash over or paint over what is real and what must be faced by you. Just know that it is up ahead and closer than you think.

Indeed, many of you are coming to realise that there is no easy way, there is no short cut and you must face reality and you must face what is coming up for you in a myriad of ways. Breathe and be still in that.

Also know that you are the strongest of the strong. I know that many of you are understanding this now for you feel it. You feel your Almighty strength, I know you do. You have all had moments of touching on this power and strength. You are not here by accident and if you knew what you have achieved to get here you would know as well as I do that you Victory is assured.

You are the bravest of the brave, the strongest of the strong, Mother-Father God makes no mistakes and you were chosen for this mission by an infinite intelligence that is never wrong.

Go forth my brave Ones, go forth. You are closer than you think. Breathe it in now, feel it my Dear Ones. Take my strength if yours is failing. You are Victorious. This is my promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and we will not fail. God Bless you.

I AM not yet gone. Please, if you will but take a further few minutes to be still and receive my Blessings unto you. I thank you. It is an honour to serve you my Beloveds.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy