Greetings Beloved Hearts! It is I, Lord Emanuel come again this day to be with you, to bestow upon you healing energy and to impart words that are loaded with and encoded with greater meaning than may at first appear to you. Do not worry that you miss the meaning, do not go looking for deeper meaning in a way that requires any effort on your part, just relax in the knowing that the knowledge is entering your Being with your own permission and it is filtering into your consciousness and that which you cannot understand now or that which has infinite meaning and depth to it, that meaning will be stored within your Sacred Mind to be released unto you when the time is right or when you have reached the stage in your learning that you are ready to receive the deeper meaning and deeper wisdom.

Breathe that in now Dear Ones, breathe in the knowing that all is coming unto you, all that you need to know is flowing effortlessly to you and all you need to do is be open to receive it. Know that while you are here reading these words no harm shall come to you. Dear Ones so many of you block and reject the healing and knowledge that is all around you and available to you through fear. Our old friend! And there is nothing wrong with this Dear Ones, it is what it is. But know that it can be a barrier to your progress which can be so fast now Dear Ones, if you will but allow it to be so. You can relax in the knowing that if you are reading these words then your higher self, your Great God Presence I AM has called this into being, you are safe, you are held, no harm shall come unto you. Relax in this knowing, relax and breathe this in and be open to receive all that is available to you in the knowing that there are higher powers than your human self that have you so safely held. Trust and let go.

Now I already hear the ‘nay sayers’, I already feel the resistance in you to some of these words. I have imparted this to you before Precious Hearts and I make no apology for doing so again, NO harm shall come unto you.

Now a great deal of you have something to say about this. Because you hear these words and you so dearly want them to be true but you say ‘what about this situation when my car was hit by another car?’  and ‘what about that situation when I did not see something upon the ground and I lost my balance, fell and broke my arm and was unable to work for weeks?’ and  ‘what about the people who believe in God and pray every day and consciously go about their business being good people and then they are struck down by cancer? What of them? How can no harm be upon me?’

Dear Ones, challenging as it is for your ego, there is a bigger picture. Challenging as it is for you to accept, this, your experience here upon this Blessed planet is but a blink of an eye in your ‘life time’ in Creation. I know this life seems so very real and so very important, and it is Dear Ones, do not misunderstand my meaning here. This life is precious, this life is so important it is absolutely beyond words BUT Dear Ones in the context of All There Is, this life time is but a blink in the eye of You.

No harm shall come upon you means that you YOU shall not be harmed, you cannot be harmed you are an Eternal Being, an infinite Individualised Presence of God, no harm can be upon you even if you meet with the transition you call death,YOU DO NOT DIE!! You simply move into another experience, another part of your journey much like getting off a bus at a bus stop. Really!!

Precious Hearts, no harm shall come unto you does not mean that life will stop happening to you. You will be beset with challenges and you will be faced with events that may be uncomfortable. It is how you face these challenges and how you navigate them that determines the experience you have. And the more you continue to be fearless and meet challenges head on with full responsibility for yourself the easier life becomes no matter what life throws at you. You can and will move effortlessly through life and the momentum gathers until before you know it all that presents itself unto you is all that you dreamed of.

Nothing shall harm you, every experience adds unto you and is one step closer to Home.

You have nothing to fear but fear itself, and yes my Dear Ones that is so very easy for me to say from my vantage point but I do I understand what is it is like to live in the density that you do every day of your life upon this Earth however, you do yourself no favours by dwelling in this place. Rise up Dear Ones, rise up and above the limited dense and murky lower dimensional existence and know that you are safe, to open up to all that is available to you. Limitless potential, limitless wealth, limitless health, limitless joy, limitless fun and adventure.

Come now Dear Ones, we’ve had enough of doom and gloom upon the surface of your Earth, let’s change that forever. Rise up Dear Ones, rise up Fearless Warriors of the Light, this is who you really are and this is who you will remember yourself to be and all that you dream of will come unto you. This is my promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and we are well overdue a freedom party upon the surface of your Earth. We can’t start it without you. God Bless you Precious Precious Hearts!

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy