Greetings, greetings Dear Ones it is I, Lord Emanuel and I AM with you again this day. Deep breath Dear Ones and continue to take long deep cleansing and fulfilling breaths of life until you can tangibly feel a descent of deep Peace over you and sense my presence with you. Take as long as it takes Dear Ones and please, I urge you with all of my heart to actually take the time to do this, please do not skip this part and continue to read these words. I promise you it is worth it Dear Ones, your experience will be that much richer and that much deeper and that much more tangible in your daily life if you just take a few moments to get still and be here with me. I AM with you regardless of whether or not you are aware of me and you will benefit from these words however you choose to participate, I am merely pointing out the opportunity that is before you presented here and now if you should wish to take it. And there lies the very simple Way of Being that continues to be elusive to nearly all of you. And I do not mean this to cause offence Dear Ones, it is the human condition that you are here to elevate yourself from, there is no wrong in this Dear Ones, it comes with the territory at the present moment if you understand my meaning.

But it really is that simple Dear Ones, will you take the time to be still? Will you take the time in your life, not just for the few minutes it takes for you to read these messages to stay present, be still and wait for opportunities to be placed in front of you? So that all you need do is step forward and be willing to step into the opportunity that is being laid out before you? For this is how simple and easy life can really be for you Dear Precious Hearts if you would but take the time to be still in every moment and make that your priority instead of feeling like you must be doing doing doing and forcing the circumstances and events upon yourself rather than waiting for them to come to you.

And the refusal of many of you to accept that life can be this easy is millions of years of human consciousness that has taught you that life is a struggle. So do not be hard on yourself Dear Ones, do not pick up that stick to beat yourself with...I know you like to do that now and again! Let it all go, give yourself the biggest break, give yourself a break for the rest of your life and just see what magic unfolds for you. A life that is beyond what you could imagine up for yourself.

And the reason I can speak of this to you now Dear Ones, well good news indeed Precious Hearts, I can impart this now to you because I know it is time for this to be spoken to your heart, now I can speak this to your heart knowing that your heart can hear me and can and is receiving this information, until now this was not possible for you were still embroiled in the business of unworthiness. It gives me pleasure beyond words to be able to tell you with absolute certainty that these days are at an end for all of you. You have finally pulled yourself out of the collective dark and dismal soup of unworthiness. Many of you have stepped out, many of you are in the middle of stepping out and some of you that are out already are stretching yours hands out to those still caught up in it and offering your hand to pull them out. You are ready Dear Ones, to accept that you are worthy of it all.

You are ready to take that step out of lack and limitation and step into the realisation that abundance is all around you and always has been but you missed it in your busyness  to ‘get there’. In all your frantic searching and running and pushing and achieving and more running and more blood, sweat and tears you missed the fact that if you stood still, took the time to breathe and in that breath find God Within residing within your heart right under your nose, closer to you than even the breaths that you are taking, if you had taken the time to do this you would have seen that all along everything you desired was right there, waiting for you to stop and notice, rest and receive.

So now Dear Hearts the only work you have to do is to teach yourself how to rest and how to expand your ability to receive. For you have a long time practising being very busy and consumed with all the distractions possible to avoid yourself and your God Within. And as with all new ways it will take time for you to Master that which seems to be easy, it will take time for you to drop your old habits of control and forcing circumstances and arranging your life in accordance with how you think it should be. Dear Ones there is an Infinite Master Intelligence at work within you and if you will allow it to command your life you will find that it has no limitations or concept of lack and will arrange your life, the events and circumstances of it in alignment with your Divine Path which will lead you home to the Kingdom of Heaven and all the riches contained therein.

So to skip forward to read the words of this message without taking the time to breathe and connect is continuing to follow the path that you have always walked, skipping ahead to get to something that is right under your nose. So take a moment with me Dear Ones, stop. Be still and make this the practise of your moment to moment daily life. You can do it now, it is within your reach. Trust and let go and know that you are safe, held, untouchable and you are the Light of God that never fails. This is my promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love your Precious Heart. God Bless you, beautiful radiant Children of God. I AM in your service all the Way Home.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.                                                                                                                                            

AuthorGillian Ruddy