Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel here to be with you again this day and indeed I AM with you every day Dear Ones, I AM but a thought away. I understand that many of you still need these messages and I will continue to impart information in this way for as long as it is required. But Dear Ones, I AM feeling moved to remind you that your aim is to establish your own connection so that you are in no need of messages from an outside source other than yourself.  Dear Ones, the Ascended Realm will always have accredited messengers to bring forth teachings that are one step ahead of where the majority of you are in your learning and growth, this will always be necessary, for individuals always require a teacher who has blazed a trail ahead of them and Dear Ones as you will soon come to find out, it becomes One’s only purpose once reaching the level of ascension, to be in service to others, those behind you on the path and we in the Ascended Realm are here to serve you.

So we will always get our teachings down here to Earth through messengers but Dear Ones you must still keep it in your sights to have your own connection upon which you rely for your daily guidance and answers to your questions that arise for you personally as you journey through your life on this Blessed planet Earth.

And I encourage you now to take a deep breath in through he nose and out through the mouth to begin to deepen your connection to yourself, your true self, your God Self, your Higher Self, your Great God Presence I AM . My goodness what an array of names you have come to be known by! Deep breath Dear Ones, for it is through the Sacred Breath that we connect our consciousness to our physical bodies. Strengthen this connection now as you breathe deeper and deeper into your abdomen taking in long deep cleansing breaths of bright white Light and exhaling out all density, all worry, all fear, all identity of who you are and what you are responsible for and find that still place within you, that deep still place of total Peace.

For this is where you will find your connection and with whom you will connect will depend very much on the individual and where you are on your journey. Dear Ones you have many, many Beloved Beings assigned to each of you individually, all whose pure purpose is to guide you through your life, to as best as possible within Universal Laws, keep you as close as possible to your chosen soul path, choices you made before your incarnation upon this Earth this time around. Many different Beings will be with you at many different times of your life and these Beings will come unto you when you need them.

Now Dear Ones it is at this juncture that many of you trip, shall we say. For this is the point where fear can enter and fear serves to hamper your clear connection and when the fear is given attention it will severe the connection altogether. To allay all your fears of connection to astral planes or to lower vibrational Beings that have no place in your soul path you must call in the protection of the Angelic Realm. My good friend Archangel Michael, who has come here to personally explain to you what gifts he can bring to you, a message that can be retrieved from the archive, Beloved Lord Michael and His legions of Angels can be called upon to protect you. Dear Ones, you are all-powerful, do not be afraid, a great many forces have been at work to scare you from cultivating your own connection with the Divine for this is where your power lies, your pathway home to your God Self, do not give in to fear.

Command that you be protected from any lower vibrating energies and demand that you are connected to the highest vibration possible for your greater good and the greater good of All, call upon the protection of Archangel Michael, the most powerful protector available to you. Knowing nothing shall touch you that is not absolutely there to serve your higher good, sit in stillness and wait.

Be in the stillness, be in the awareness of your breath, wait for your Guardian Angel or call them in, wait for me, or call me in, or wait in stillness and be open for the adventure. My Dear Ones, we in the Ascended Realm and the Archangelic Realm act as a bridge for you to God/Goddess All There Is.  Let us help you bridge that gap that may just be a little too wide for you to traverse alone. We are your family, we have walked your path and we dearly long to help you across the great divide to Oneness, life with no separation between you, your human physical incarnation and your Great God Presence, the Mighty Christ I AM .

Dear Ones it is time to begin a daily practise of cultivating the stillness within, it is time to embark on the final leg of your journey. The journey within to the Heart of God. Here all will be given unto you, for here is the door to your Soul, the door to Everything, the Kingdom of Heaven. This is my Promise unto You. Come, take my hand let me sing some joy into your heart as we take your first steps to the Heart of God. God Bless you my brave Ones.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy