Greetings Dear Ones, it is I Lord Emanuel come to be with you again this day, the third day of your Gregorian year of two thousand and fourteen. Well, well Dear Ones, here we are, another year, time is tangibly speeding up for you Dear Ones, you are all feeling this now. Great changes are upon you regarding time and I urge you to just ‘go with it’ as you say. Just allow and accept the changing time, otherwise Dear Ones, it can have a disorienting affect on you. Do not allow the sensations of time distortion to affect you on a mental level. Let it bypass the mind and allow, allow allow, with Ease and Grace. Know that the changing of your concept of time will come and the transition will be, how you might say, ‘odd’. Only if you allow it to be so Dear Ones, knowledge is power and if you know that time is changing then you can allow the passing of time to flow effortlessly knowing that you will achieve all you are meant to achieve in one day regardless of the passing of your time.

So another year has passed and I could not be here today and ignore the fact that there has been very little for you to see reported in the mainstream media of any great changes that ARE happening in your outer world. For many of you I know this is a great burden that you are weary of carrying. Many of you are so tired and ‘fed up’, some of you grow angry and some of you have just about had enough.

Dear Ones, my heart is with you, each and every one of you right now and I ask you my Dear Ones, with all of my heart, please take a little time to connect with me now at a deeper level. Take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, inhaling as deeply into your abdomen as possible and exhaling out all that is keeping you from your magnificence this day. Inhale the Light of God, bright white Light and exhale out all density, all negativity and all your weariness, all your tiredness, just let it all out and let it all fall away, in this moment it is just you and me. Feel my presence now as you read these words, do not continue reading these words until you tangibly feel my presence, until I have shown myself to you in the way we have agreed in the past, the colour, symbol, smell that we previously agreed upon, wait for me. If you are new to these messages and have not yet been on the journey to meet me and be shown how I will appear to you, then just simply open  up to receive me now in whatever way your senses like to perceive my presence. Sit in stillness and wait, focus on your breath and heart space and wait and allow and receive my presence unto you.

Dear Ones, let all the anger, frustration, disappointment fall away for that is your human identity, rise up and out of that now, with no judgement upon any of it but just release yourself from it and be the pure consciousness that you are just for now. Expand expand expand your awareness of yourself keep breathing and be still and keep an awareness on my presence also, it is safe, I AM really here with you and it is safe to be You. It is safe. Let the tears come if they may, let the sadness arise if it will, just allow nothing if that is what you are experiencing. Just let it be.

Now from this place feel the power that you are. Breathe in the power that you are. Know from this place you can and are moving mountains, know from this place you can and you are changing everything that is wrong in your outer world. Feel the purity and power and Love that you are. Feel it now and know that is your internal reality. This internal reality, if you dwell here often enough and focus your attention here often enough and with enough energy this internal reality of pure Love, pure wisdom and pure power MUST manifest in your outer reality. It is Law.

Dear Ones, I know you tire, I know you are weary and I know you are longing for some shifts to occur. Dear Ones ask yourself right now, have I shifted? Have I changed? Do I feel different than I did this time last year? Dear Ones you know in your heart the Truth. You know things have changed, you know the forces of the dark are scattered, disorganised, and in total chaotic meltdown. It is time now to stop relying on appearances in the outer world and draw completely only on your inner resources to tell you what is the truth.

Please take your attention from outside of yourself and place it internally where you will find a garden of peace and tranquillity, harmony, purity, innocence, Love, honour and Victory. This is your truth, this is where you dwell and in doing this with all the Love of your heart your outer reality must change!! This is my Promise unto You. I AM Lord Emanuel. Use your anger Dear Ones, as fuel, fuel for your determination not to be swayed from your path.  You are too close to falter now. Hold Steady my Dear Precious Hearts, Hold steady. I love you and I bless you and I am ever near to comfort you. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy