Dear Ones, it is I, Lord Emanuel, Greetings! I come to be with you this day to bring you comfort and Divine Love and healing energies in these challenging times. I feel your resistance, I feel you are all a bit fed up. So close your eyes, take some long deep cleansing breaths, inhale the Light and exhale all density and just be. Stay in the presence of your breath and let it all go. All your worries and stress, all your thoughts and fears, let them all flow out of you and allow yourself to come into deep connection and presence. And just breathe.

From this place of stillness and peace, ask the Lord God of your Being, your Great God Presence I AM, ask yourself what do I need right now? Who Am I? Dear Ones, if you are not your thoughts, if you are not your emotions, if these things are merely tools built into this incredibly complex and beautiful human physicality, then who are you? What is underneath all the thoughts, all the words and all the emotion? You will only ever find the answer to this question in deep stillness.

Precious Hearts, many of you are still believing in the make believe person this world created you to be. You see Dear Ones, you all signed up for certain experiences in childhood and in growing up that would shape your world, you chose the parents that would raise you to provide you with a certain environment that would shape the reality that best suited the lessons to be learned. You asked specific souls to join you in your journey at specific times to provide you with learning opportunities, some very pleasant, some very unpleasant. You picked up inhibitions, you learned patterns of behaviour that all allowed you to cope in this world of separation and duality.

Now as an adult, you are firmly set into that person who was moulded through experience after experience in the outer world. Your Precious Heart was covered over for protection very quickly as you found out it was not safe to give your heart to another, not safe to open your heart to another, you learned it was not safe to give Love or to receive Love.

So that is old news?! Yes?! I certainly hope so Dear Ones, as the veils are falling down around you, as you expose yourself layer after layer as the density falls away, and fall away it must for your Earth energies can no longer support the density. Fall away they must and fall away they are and it is painful Dear Ones, to be exposed to the Light after millennia of deep darkness, it is painful. The speed at which you are being exposed to ever increasing amounts of Light is unprecedented, it has never been done before in this way. But you all knew this and you all eagerly signed up for it and there are countless souls literally lined up waiting to join you, such is the uniqueness of this time on your Blessed Planet Earth.

So breathe Dear Ones, breathe deeply again and allow any and all feelings to arise, I AM with you, receive my Divine Presence into your being, breathe me in to support you energetically as you allow your density to rise up within you to be released. Breathe Breathe Breathe into this process and feel what you are feeling. Stay with this process as long as you can and when you reach a state of peace by breathing through your feelings with no judgement or attachment,  bring your presence to your heart and breathe into your Heart space. Now imagine your heart space is directly connected to your I AM Presence, feel that connection in your heart and now ask yourself, Who Am I? What qualities do I bring to Earth? Peace? Love? Honour? Clarity? Innocence? Purity? Charity? Courage? Liberty? Harmony? Justice? What qualities define you, what cause do you champion? Who are you? Underneath all the stories and beyond all limitation you have placed upon yourself, based on your learning so far, who are you really?

Breathe into that Dear Ones and what do you find? Oh yes, breathe into that Scared Fire Being that you really are! Powerful, honest, true, Loving, generous, beautiful, courageous, oh my list goes on and on and on of who you truly are.

Dear Ones for many of you there is but one veil left. We cannot lift that veil until the last shadows are removed from your planet and this as you know is well underway and Victory is yours. It is time to cast aside the ‘old you’, that made up version that was so very useful in your learning, so very useful to get you this far along the road. But let’s see it for what it is, a learning experience and a vehicle for your spiritual growth and ultimately your ascension. You have taken off and put back on hundreds and hundreds of physical garments, for that is all they are, garments that enrobe you and allow you a life in the physical plane. They are not you, they are not even genetically the God Presence that you are, meaning the external image of you now, is not the image of You. Not your Divine Blueprint.

Reveal yourself now! Regenerate, rejuvenate, breathe new life into your physical garment, demand it so. Allow the Light to penetrate every cell in your body while you sit in stillness daily and allow it to restore your DNA and reveal the Great God I AM that You Are.

You are not your stories or your body, you are not broken, you are not helpless and you are not limited. You are all-powerful magnificent Creator Beings. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel, I have always seen who you are, now let the rest of the world see you!! God Bless your precious Brave Hearts.

 Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy