Greetings my Beloved friends, here we are again, I AM with you, it is Lord Emanuel and I AM with you. And if you are in any doubt that this is so, I ask that you place your energy into your heart space and go within to ask yourself. This is more easily achieved by taking several deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, long deep cleansing breaths, breathe in the Light and exhale out all the density. Now, tell your mind to be silent. Dear Ones, you know by now that you are not your thoughts, that incessant chatter of the mind is not you Dear Ones, you are not your mind. You are limitless consciousness in a physical body having a physical experience on a physical planet.  You have the power to silence your mind, command it so! Tell your mind to be silent and ask that your energy be dropped down into your heart space in the centre of your chest and you can do one of two things, ask your heart if indeed you are reading the words of Emanuel or you can wait and feel my presence.

Either way you will know. And you can remove all doubt because you asked your heart and your heart never lies. This is the Source of your Truth Dear Ones and I urge you with more gusto than ever, now is the time to develop this skill, now is the time to make time to find a practise whereby you find stillness within to cultivate that part of you that can easily hear the matters of the heart. For this is where you will find your absolute Truth.

Strengthen the skill of cultivating stillness, and for this Dear Ones, you must practise daily. This requires some dedication on your part Dear Ones but this is no bother to you well trained Warriors of the Light! Dedication of this nature is nothing to you. You have dedicated a great many life times just to be here now in this life time. You have it well within your capability to devote 15 minutes per day to cultivating stillness. No excuses, you have the will, you have the determination and you have the staying power to see this through to the end. And it was on my tongue to say to the ‘bitter end’ but Dear Ones, the end is not bitter, it is sweet sweet sweet such like you cannot imagine right now and this is not an end it is a beginning. A beginning of a new way of living or a remembering of an old way of living, or a melding of the two, a restoration of the way human beings are designed to live, in total freedom, with Sovereign Free Will and complete connection to Father-Mother God, All There Is. It will not look like any other way of life that has gone before, you will forge your own unique civilisations but they will be based in Universal Laws that do not change and all of you have memory of, stored within your physical bodies.

These memories are being activated now and many of you are starting to remember how you are supposed to live, many of you are experiencing great discomfort just existing upon the surface of your Earth, such are the differences between how you remember life to be and what is currently playing out on the surface of your planet. This is a most challenging time, you are being stretched to your limit, you literally have a foot in both camps, and it can be uncomfortable, disorienting and very challenging just to go about you daily business.

Dear Hearts I urge you with everything you have left within you, dig deeper, you have more in there, you have more yes you do, dig deeper Dear Ones, you have strength left, you have stamina left and you can and will see this through until the Light is declared Victorious.

Now, Dear Ones, please REFUSE to see with the eyes that perceive lack and suffering in the outer world. Just refuse to play the game! Make it up! Make it up in your head exactly what your world looks like and what you are going to encounter when you go about your daily business, filter out all that triggers you and makes you despair, blank out all that makes you sad.

And I am not suggesting that you live in a world of fantasy. I am not asking you to deny your feelings, absolutely not. What I mean Dear Ones, is get smart about it. Know that when you go to the supermarket or shops that you are going to see things that disturb you, know that if you look at the news you are going to be upset by the cruelty, dishonesty and suffering in your world. Before you take a step outside of the sanctuary of your home, take some deep breaths and ask your Great God Presence I AM to be the Presence that goeth before you and make all things possible.

Ask for your Higher good that all things positive and constructive be shown to you. Refuse to engage in the drama and despair and choose to only see the good in All and the Perfection of all things. Stay firmly rooted in your heart as you go about your daily business, feel all there is to feel, experience all there is to experience but refuse to be pulled down by anything you perceive to be negative.  Stay in you hearts Dear Ones, for herein lies the Truth. Stay in your heart and all shall be given unto you. This is my Promise to You. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love your Precious Hearts. God Bless each and every one of your brave brave souls. I honour your courage and fortitude. 

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy