Beloved Hearts, GREETINGS! It is I, Lord Emanuel here to greet you this fine day. Ahh, it feels so good to be back and communicating with you Dear Ones, it feels like a long absence but in reality it is not. And I wish to do more than communicate with you Dear Ones in so far as to say I write these words through a messenger and you read them, I wish to do much more than that for you but it requires a little bit of presence and attention from you and a deeper connection. As you know by now this requires just a little bit of time to breathe deeply into your abdomen, a Sacred Breath in and out and again, in and out. With the in-breath, breathing in the Light and on the out-breath breathing out all density, heaviness, tension and stress that you may be carrying. Repeat this 7 times if you are wishing the full experience, fully committed but even just one is enough if that is all you wish to do. It is all good and I AM with you regardless, and it is but an offering to you that you must only accept if it feels good for you to do so.

Thank you. Dear Ones, how are you? Things are moving fast in your realm now and you must be noticing this. Take heart in this Dear Ones, for it is the outward signs you are looking for. I know some of you were expecting almighty great shifts to occur immediately and the whole world to be transformed overnight. I know many of you dream of your brothers and sisters from other planets to just show themselves and land upon your planet and kick off a sudden almighty shift in the consciousness and understanding of the people of your planet.

Dear Ones I must gently ask you to look at this belief and see it for what it is. To pin all your hopes on such a sudden shift is yet another way to hide from yourself, another way to hand your power over to something outside of yourself, wishing to be saved the ‘easy’ way. Yes, you will be re-united with your space families but you must look inside of yourself first, take full responsibility for yourself FIRST.

My Dear, Dear Hearts, God bless you for still hanging on, for still walking tall, for not giving up. But you must now realise that the power is within you and see the deeper meaning of this in your daily lives. There will be no rescuing of the planet Earth from the outside. You called for help, Gaia, the Divine Goddess Mother Earth called for help and we listened, the Heavens responded and we put into action the greatest Divine Plan of all to ensure the safety of Planet Earth all those living and evolving upon her. To say that you are not alone is an understatement beyond all understatements!!

But Dear Hearts you must grasp this help to further yourselves, not to further give away your power to a seemingly higher power. There is no higher power than yourself. You are the Children of God, you are the Individualised presence of God. There is no higher power!! We can assist you Dear Hearts and we do so every minute of every day. But you must stand up alone, none of us can make that stand for you. You must stand alone knowing that you are a Child of God knowing that you have the power of the Universe at your command.

And you must do so first and foremost because you Love yourself enough to step into this greatness. Love must be the motivation, Love for yourself to demand that you are set free by those who control you. You and you alone are who you take orders from because you and God are One. You decide what your day will look like, you decide how you would like to live and you decide exactly what your life looks like. Let nothing and no one else define it for you.

My Dear Hearts the first step is to feel exactly how you are feeling in every moment and from that place decide what you want to feel better. In every moment. If you can do these simple steps: how does that make me feel? What do I want to feel better? And stand in your truth and articulate your truth, it is the path to freedom.

My Dear Hearts every single one of you who makes these steps and declares themself a Child of God who will no longer tolerate the governance of others, those who understand that they are sovereign Beings who deserve the power to make all decisions that effect their lives, all those who understand that this is their birthright, all those who stand up, open the flood gates of the Heavens to be given every assistance from the Ascended Realm. No harm can befall the Children of God, there is an army of Beings of Light at your disposal whose only purpose is to serve you for in serving you they serve themselves and they serve God for we are all One.

Dear Hearts when you can understand the power of the Ascended Realm and the power within you to command the assistance of these Beloveds, my Family, you will walk this Earth in freedom for you will know that you need fear nothing when you can see that we are walking beside you and hold you in nothing but limitless, eternal, Unconditional Love. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and my family awaits you. The Kingdom of Heaven is yours. God Bless you.

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Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.


AuthorGillian Ruddy