Well now, Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Archangel Michael, honoured, delighted and blessed to be among you this day. My job is a little easier than Mother Akasha and Lord Maitreya who have gone before me in a sense that well, I am fairly certain that you have heard my name before. In fact, I sense that there is not one among you who has not heard the name Archangel Michael.  And this does make my ‘job’ at lot easier my Dear Dear friends and Beloveds because you already have a sense of me, you know what I stand for and you all can at least formulate a picture of me in your head.

Let us take that further now Dear ones, if you feel comfortable to do so I would like to ask of you to connect with me more deeply, just as you do with Beloved Lord Emanuel, King of Kings, only please, Dear Ones if you feel comfortable to do so. I understand Beloved Emanuel has earned your trust and here I come arriving in one day of your time and asking immediately for a more intimate connection. Forgive me for my boldness but I am talking advantage of many thousands of years of presence and service to humanity! I make no apology in the light of that fact.

So, if you feel able to and it feels right for you to do so, take a deep breath into the deepest area of your abdomen you can reach and exhale out a deep long breath. Think of me when you do so, picture me standing in front of you or behind you or above you, sense and feel my presence as you breathe and connect more deeply to this experience. Which is real, here and now, I AM with you, feel me, sense me, receive me. Thank you.

Just as you know my identity through your culture and history, you know what I stand for. Let me refresh your memory and explain a little about what I can do for you. You see Dear Ones, you may be wondering why we in the Ascended and Angelic realm are making more and more contact with you now. Aside from disseminating the Truth which is a reason unto itself, we are here because quite simply, you cannot ascend without us.

You have been in duality for 12 million years and that accumulated momentum of density cannot be cleared in one life time by your own means alone. It is simply not possible. Our gifts, Blessings and dispensations are pouring forth to your Blessed planet Earth to break the hold of the dark. My Angels of the Christ Blue Flame work tirelessly to break up the negativity that had all but engulfed you.

You are helped by legions of Angels and Beings in the Unseen every minute of your life. You are nudged by them, guided by them, events and circumstances are orchestrated by them all for your higher good and to help assist you to be on the straight and narrow, if you will, of your soul path.

Whether a human being is awake enough to listen is another matter but none the less the help is available and it is available to every single one of you at the same level regardless of who you are and what you do and your seeming status upon this Earth, you are all equal on the eyes of God and the assistance you receive from on High is equal to all. Some are just more awake than others and some are more accurately on their soul path and so the journey may seem smoother for some compared to others. Never rely on outward appearances my Dear friends, remember this one fact and you will go very far indeed!

So Dear Ones, this is why you need us! But do not forget, we need you, this is a two way street. The whole of Creation is bereft while you wander in the darkness, we want you Home for as long as you are not wholly connected and struggle in the thick swamp of duality and density, we too are incomplete and missing part of ourselves.

My goodness I have so little time here and so few words. What a challenge!

I AM Lord Michael and I command limitless legions of Angels of the Christ Blue Blazing Sword of Truth.  I AM a Warrior of the Light, I command and hold under my great wings all Warriors of Light. And yes you already guessed it, I AM addressing you, my earthly Angels, Warriors of Light. You may not remember me but I certainly know and remember you. My gift unto you my brave brave Hearts, is my courage, my fortitude and my unwavering strength in the face of all that is not the Truth and I give unto you this day my Blazing Blue Sword of Truth.

Wield that sword now, my Warriors, take up my sword in my name, Lord Michael and wield it with the power of Command. You have earned this right and it is time for the Truth, my sword is the energetic embodiment of that which we call Truth. And it will cut through all that is not of the Light and all that is not the Truth. Wield it my brave Ones, for I tell you and make no mistake, call upon my service, wield my sword with Love blazing in your hearts and you cannot fail. The Light of God never fails and the Love of God is always Victorious, do not forget this.

I AM Lord Michael and I stand with you my Beloveds, I stand behind you, in front of you and above you and behind me stand countless fearless Angels of the Blazing Christed Blue Sword. None shall touch you in the face of me. What do you have to fear now?

Thank you for your time this day, it is my honour to serve you and I bow to your Greatness. I Love you. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.


AuthorGillian Ruddy