Dearly Beloveds, it is I, Lord Maitreya here with you this day. As Mother Akasha expressed, I feel the same way, it is such a great honour and privilege to be allowed to address you. I too feel your Love and devotion to Beloved Lord Emanuel and it almost feels like an intrusion into His intimate family and so I tread very gently and with great respect for the trust that you have given to Emanuel and I know that it may be a little bit of a challenge for some of you to extend that same trust to me, Lord Maitreya when there is a great chance that you have never before heard my name. Your trust in Beloved Emanuel is very strong and I urge you to extend that trust to Him now and know that He would not allow through anyone whom He did not deem worthy of your attention.

Many of you will not know who I AM and yet my part in the Divine Plan for this 7th Golden Age makes me very close to you and your interests and this is almost normal and most accepted in the Ascended Realm, that you do not know the identity of those in the unseen who work for you and with you to restore Divine Order to your Blessed Mother Earth. And we do not wish to be known for our own sakes, we do not require your recognition in order to fulfil our own Divine Missions. We come at this time only for the purpose of your education and to make ourselves known to you for the purpose of your command, to make it clear to you that you have our unquestioning help but that you must ask for this help and it is more potent and more powerful and we can bestow so much more upon you if this request for help has a direction, the more specific the better. In other words, if you call for my help directly I can directly bestow gifts upon you under the authority that is mine.

Dear Ones, my name is Lord Maitreya and I was Lord Emanuel’s Master Teacher while he was embodied upon the Earth. I was His teacher, guide and friend as He navigated His way through life on Earth and completed His Mission here. We, the Ascended Masters hold what you would call the ‘Lost Knowledge’ and we are here at this time to make this knowledge available to you so that you too can walk the ‘Path of Becoming’ the I AM That I AM. Becoming a living embodiment if the Great God presence I AM. This is the path of Resurrection, the path that Beloved Emanuel Jesus the Christ walked upon this Blessed Earth as a living example to all of you.

Dear Ones, Lord Emanuel left upon this Earth His great teachings and it is with much sadness that I tell you Dear Ones, 65% of His teachings were removed in the years that followed His resurrection and Ascension and the remaining 35% were altered. This staggering statistic is the reason for so much doubt and confusion over the life of Jesuah Ben Joseph, Jesus  the Christ and the continuing discord within the religions of this world. Dear Ones this is a deliberate tactic of the sinister forces upon this Earth make no mistake about that.

The major religions of this world are responsible for more death and destruction and suffering than you can imagine and it is this unholy mess that we wish to rectify here and now. I come to speak the Truth to you Dear Ones, so that the dark clouds of confusion can be at last lifted and removed forever. I come to speak the Truth Dear Ones that you may be set free from the slavery that is the dark control of this Blessed planet. I come to assist humanity by assisting in the re-instatement of the Truth of the teachings of Lord Emanuel which are in effect my teachings also for there is only ONE Truth.

My Dear Ones, it’s time that some Universal Truths were brought to your attention. It is time for Beloved Emanuel to re-write ‘history’ or rather more accurately to re-instate His Truth that has been so ruthlessly kept from the Beloved Children of God upon the Earth.

The religions of this world cannot suppress the Truth no matter how hard they try for Dear Hearts what they seem to forget is that each and every one of you carries the Truth within your heart. This cannot and will not be denied. You know the Truth, you are the Truth, the Way and the Light. You are too powerful to be kept down any longer and you shall rise my Dear Children into the all powerful Creator Beings that you are. No threats from a false man-made God shall stop you, no amount of fear mongering shall stop you. I AM Lord Maitreya and this is my Promise to you.  The Truth is finally here, follow your hearts and it will be revealed to you in all its Glory. I Love you and I rejoice! The time is now! God Bless you Dear Hearts.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.


AuthorGillian Ruddy