Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel come to be with you this day, so good to be with you and feel you feel me. You see Dear Ones, we are in this together you and I and all your brothers and sisters. Your Love is as important to me as my Love is to you and your Love for your brothers and sisters is as important to me as your love for me. For in your brothers and sisters are facets of your Father and your Mother God and your Love and gratitude for your brothers and sisters brings you closer to me and I will bring you closer to God. I bridge the gap to your Father-Mother God that you cannot bridge by yourself, so far has humanity fallen from Grace. See me standing behind every one of your brothers and sisters and know that your salvation is a collaborative effort.

Everything in this Universe works FOR you. Including a brother you would rather avoid or find it challenging to be around. Every brother or sister you come across has a gift for you, NOTHING ELSE. Only your ego can perceive it any other way and it will my Dear Ones, your ego will convince you otherwise. Dear Ones this is a fundamental Truth that you must hear again, everything in this Universe works FOR you. PAY ATTENTION in every moment as your life unfolds in front of you and this Truth will become apparent to you. Your ego only permits into your awareness that which it wants you to perceive. This is the preservation of the ego which serves only the thoughts and belief system that created it, which is that you are separate from Father-Mother God.

Let go Dear Ones, let go. Let it all go, give up this illusion, just let it go. Be at peace. No matter what your life looks like, know it is all conspiring for you to come into a greater expression of yourself. The more you let go and understand there is a greater intelligence at work unfolding the events of your life, the more you will be led into joy. This is God working THROUGH you, your ego cannot prevent the Light of God coming into you but it can prevent the Light of God shining forth through you. The more you allow the more joy you will experience and this is your discernment tool. When you feel joy, associate joy with allowing Father-Mother God within and through and when you feel misery associate misery, chaos and disaster as the result of listening to and allowing the ego in the place of God.

Dear Ones your trust in this process of allowing is not as yet as strong as it could be but you are very much on the path. Do you feel it? Can you feel greater amounts of joy in the moments you do remember and do allow God to shine forth through you? Are you catching yourself in deep gratitude for a brother or sister that does something to make you smile? Are you feeling yourself filled with deep peace and immense pleasure as you watch a bird flitting from tree to tree singing its song for you? And my Dear Ones, this is my point. The birds in the trees, they are singing for you and you alone, the song on the radio is playing for you, pay attention to the words, the street sign, the shop name, EVERYTHING Dear Ones, is conspiring for you if you will pay attention. Every moment of your life you are supported, Loved and guided, relax into this like you would lie back in a big soft fluffy cushion, it really is that easy and life really can be that pleasurable!!

For so long Dear Ones have you struggled and suffered and you have deeply embedded the belief that life is tough, an uphill struggle, for what exactly? And here is a question the ego will never have you ask yourself.....why am I doing this? For your ego will have a million strategies for keeping you so very busy that you cannot find the path of ease and Grace for down that path is the end of its existence or so it believes. Relax and let go, everything is taken care of well in advance if you would but trust in me and trust that I will guide you and trust that you will find me in every one of your brothers and sisters, pointing you to a greater expression of you.

Your momentum is gathering pace Dear Ones, can you feel it? The energies of Divine Love that are saturating your planet like never before are finally starting to make differences to you that you can tangibly feel and experience. You are learning faster and implementing lasting change quicker, things are starting to get a little easier Dear Ones are they not? You do not forget so easily, you are feeling more solid in your knowing. You are so deeply Loved, appreciated and valued it is beyond your understanding.

I called to you and you answered my precious Hearts, your rise up and out of duality is a given. We are Victorious. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I walk with you every step of the way. God Bless you my Dear Hearts, God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.



AuthorGillian Ruddy