Greetings Dear Ones, Greetings! Can you feel it Dear Ones? Can you really feel it? Take a deep breath and if you can spare the time go right now and draw some deep breaths from outside, fill your lungs with fresh air allow it to penetrate every cell in your body for ‘it’ is in the air. Can you feel it?

My Dear Hearts you have been through so much to get to this place and we in the Ascended Realm honour you beyond your imagination for your achievements and for the very fact that you have made it this far. Everything you have ever done in your life has led you to this point, can you feel it? Nothing has been in vain, every step you have taken was the right step, was the perfect step even though it may not have felt like it at the time. You have not taken one single step that was wrong or unnecessary for your evolution as a spiritual Being. For in case you had forgotten you are an embodiment of the Divine. Can you feel it?

I ask you again my Dear Children of God because I know that you are feeling it, deep down you have always known, deep, deep down there you have always felt a bit different, a bit confused as to why you don’t get the way the world seems to operate, like others seem to and you have never felt a sense of fitting in or belonging. But now you can feel it rising within you, an excited bubbling up of euphoria, an electric sense of power and beauty, for some of you it is just a fleeting whisper, for others you are feeling this more strongly, more consistently and in your private moments of communion or meditation you are in no doubt, you are Divinity in action and you are Loved and cherished by the Divine like you dared not believe before. Can you feel it?!!

Dear Ones, and I will choose my words very carefully here, Dear Ones, you are different, not special, for we are all equal in the eyes of Father-Mother God, but you are different in that you have chosen to incarnate at this time on this Blessed planet to help show the way to others. You have come here with a specific purpose of remembering who you are ahead of the game if you like, on the leading edge of thought, in order to cut a path for others to follow just like I did for you. Only there are many, many, many more of you Dear Hearts and like I have been quoted in the bible ....."(your) work shall be greater than mine”.

Now I’m sure many of you have heard this before or have an inkling of knowing but you could not possibly know what that really means. Now is the time it is all beginning to start to make sense. Now this is the case because your Blessed Mother Earth is also going through her transformation, her evolution, her own ascension and it is because  you are being lifted with her, things are getting easier, you are better able to deal with people, you are feeling more joy more often, you are getting used to the idea that any density or that which you would call negative emotion is not wrong and it is in the non resistance of that which is perceived to be negative that allows the freedom of it to pass through and leave, allowing more room for more Light in your physical body. You are tangibly experiencing these things which I have been explaining to you now, Yes?

Daily lifting of your Earth’s vibration is one of the reasons things are becoming easier but the other is that as you are being lifted up so it is easier for us in the Ascended Realm to reach ‘down‘ to you and it is my great pleasure and honour to introduce you to some of my Ascended family who have been eagerly anticipating the moment when you are already to understand that there are many, many Ascended Beings available to you to help you and guide you along your path. You are ready now to meet them and hear some of their teachings and what they have to say.

And after that big announcement, in true cliff hanger fashion, I do believe the messenger is on holiday for the next two weeks and the next message will be on the 9th September 2013.

Please forgive her absence, I know many of you get so much from these messages and require the support at this incredible time in your ascension. I advise those of you who feel they need their ‘fix’ of messages that you go to the archives and perhaps revise some of the teachings. The messenger is more on an educational trip than a holiday and will return better able to serve you.

So I will leave you with a song and I ask for your participation in this. Get up out of your chair, turn the volume up and sing your heart out and if you have the presence of mind to receive me, you will feel a most beautiful shower of Divine Love if you open yourselves to receiving as you sing. Click on the link in red at the bottom of the post.

Dear Hearts, I will return with my family until then, don't give up, you are crucial to this Divine Mission and you are in training to show the world how to shine the Light of God through a physical body. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I AM with you every day. I Love you. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.


AuthorGillian Ruddy