Greetings my Dear Ones! How are you today? Tell me, how are you? I want to wrap you in a warm blanket infused with Love and I can do that if you will allow me, even if it is just for the duration of this message, while you read the words, let me offer you some comfort and serenity, a complete break from the outer world. If you are not already alone in a quiet space, make that a reality for yourself now. Close the door, tell the people that you live with that you require complete quiet for a short while and give yourself as perfect an environment as possible to completely immerse yourself in the energies that are available to you right now. Breathe in the stillness and quiet, breathe in the Light. Deep into you abdomen and exhale out all your worries and stress and just let go of everything, keep taking more breaths and with each one let go of something in your mind, all responsibilities, all possessions, all people in your life, all circumstances, let them all float away and find yourself at the very core of your Being with me. Now you see me and now you feel me and it feels good doesn’t it? For what you are feeling is the true essence of you and me. Pure Love.

Dear Hearts you are in need of much comfort today and I urge you to give yourselves whatever it is you need this day. And every day would be better but just for today I ask you, please give yourself what you really want and need for soul level and physical comfort. Take a moment right now to really feel into what it is that your physical body requires, your mental body and your emotional body. What do you need that will bring you comfort and joy? I know the messenger longs for a hot bath in total peace but will keep denying herself this ‘luxury’ because 3 children need her time. She won’t take it in the middle of the day because that feels improper and indulgent when she could be doing far more productive things (yes I know you are doing this!).

My Dear Hearts, the time for excuses is over. The time for denying yourself is over. Give yourself over to complete surrender to what is and know, deep within your Being that you are taken care of, that all your desires are yours if you would but let go and allow yourself to float downstream. Stop struggling against forces that will always defeat you in the end and let them work for you and with you and allow them to carry you effortlessly to all that you could ever want and desire.

So what will it be? A day off from work when you are not really sick, what do you call it -  a ‘sickie’?! A day under the duvet? Oh how about a day under the duvet with a box of chocolates all for you! Or how about booking a massage or reflexology or treating yourself to a healing session or manicure or how about arranging a long lie in bed or an early night with a really good book (I recommend a Course in Miracles, oh I am humorous today).....

Oh my precious Hearts you are so very hard on yourselves and I ask you just to let yourself off the hook for one day and be ever so kind to yourself and ever so gentle and reward yourself for how far you have come. Celebrate yourself for you deserve it. You have come so very far my Dear Ones, if only you could see it from my vantage point you would cry with compassion and joy at the sight of yourself, it would melt your heart to see your courage, your tenacity, your bravery and your shining Light that blazes like a Star in the sky.

You my Dear Ones are facilitating the evolution of the entire Universe. You my brave Hearts are bringing Light to this planet and uplifting density for the entire human race, and you do this by default, that does not include all the personal growth and personal transformation that allows more and more and more Light to flood this planet and illuminate every single man, woman and child living and breathing on your Blessed planet Earth.

Dear Ones, you deserve a day off from worry, stress, from constant doing and achieving and frantically surviving. You are the Light of the world and you do this effortlessly whether you are relaxing in a hot bath or running around stressed – so why not take the easy road? Please, just for today make this day about you and you only. Ask me with sincerity and I will make it a day to remember. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love your precious Hearts. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.




AuthorGillian Ruddy