Greetings Dear Ones! It is I Lord Emanuel come to greet you this evening, for it is the evening here as the messenger takes down my words but wherever you are, whenever you read these words, I AM with you Dear Ones, I AM right beside you as you read these words and if you would take the time to take a few deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, inhaling the Light of your soul, of All There Is and if you would exhale all the density, all the negativity that you can. And give it no meaning, good or bad, just see it as density, leaving, making space for more Light to enter your physical body. And with a few of these breaths Dear Ones, you are more connected to you and therefore more connected to me, and to All That Is. That must feel better now Dear Ones, and if you do not yet sense my presence in some way with you, just close your eyes for a second and feel with your heart, say my name and feel your heart expand in your chest. Tell me now, am I with you?

For Dear Hearts, I AM always with you no matter how good or bad you judge yourself to be, I AM always with you. For I do not see the false you, I do not see the ego that will have its way with you. It has power over you Dear Ones, but it holds no sway over me. You are unstained in my eyes, clean and pure for it is not you that makes mistakes, it is not you who would violate the Laws of God, it is not you who has done things that cause you to feel guilty. It is not you Dear Ones, really it is not. Your ego has convinced you that it is you. That you are to blame, that you are capable of being a ‘bad’ person, your ego has tricked you and you believe it so strongly that you will go to great lengths to preserve this as the truth.

Dear Ones it is time to detach from the ego and to start to reject its false claims about being you. It is not you, it is a creation that you yourself have made and everything that is not Created by Father-Mother God is not real. It is time Dear Hearts to put down the sword you so valiantly wield to protect your ego for you must now be starting to see that your ego is not worth protecting, it is a fragmented piece of you that is not even you, you just believe it to be so and have attached yourself to it. It is time to Love your ego back into the Light and into the job it was designed for. By yourself this must feel like an impossible task for it requires diligent guarding of your thoughts and it takes focus at all times, something that you have learned to become very poor at. And my friends as many of you are all too aware your outer world is stacked against you, your thoughts are often not your own and you face a great many challenges just to stay present in your body , let alone be a vigilant guardian of your thoughts. Do not despair Dear Ones, and I must smile at this point because only the ego can despair, however do not feel despondent, for I can help you.

My precious souls, I can help you. Ask me to and I can join with your Higher mind, by-passing the lower mind and the ego and I can assist in a task that may well feel insurmountable. Ask me and I shall come for it is my job to help my Brothers and Sisters with their minds, to help shine the Light on the ego and restore your mind as One with Father-Mother God.

My Dear Ones, I have nothing more to add to this message but I would like to ask of you one thing. Will you sit with me for the few more minutes it would have taken to write a few more words? Let us sit together in silence, Let me Love you, Let me Love you Dear Ones, for you do not Love yourselves not nearly enough.

You are the Sons and Daughters of our Father-Mother God. This is the Truth and this is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel. What more reason do you need to Love yourselves Home?

Sit with me awhile. I thank you. I Love you and I Bless you my precious Hearts. God Bless every one of you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.



AuthorGillian Ruddy