Greetings my Dear Dear Hearts, it is I Lord Emanuel here to speak with you and indeed be with you this day and I will leave you in no doubt that it is indeed your Lord Emanuel. If you would take just a few minutes to slow down your thoughts, to take some deep deep breaths into your abdomen and release all the tension and worry of the day. I AM here stronger than ever as the vibrations of your planet rise and the ability of this messenger to hold more of my energy also increases. This healing available to you comes two fold, through the energy of these encoded words and also through me because I AM with you now. Take a moment to feel my presence and relax in the Love that I can wrap you in even if it is just for this moment or just for the time that you can read these words.

You see my Dear Hearts I AM always with you. As you feel my undeniable presence by your side as you read these words know that you have this connection available to you any time you wish it or all the time if you can but train yourself, focus your mind well enough to be present to me at all times. And why would you wish that my Dear Hearts? Because I can guide you through the maze of life, I can help you. Give your mind over to me and I can help you sift through the mental noise and help you decipher what is your ego and what is God speaking to you and help you hear the whisper of God that resides in all of you.

The voice of God is barely audible in the noise that is your mind. This is not your fault Dear Ones, you are not wrong or bad or unspiritual, you are simply living in separation, you have been raised in a world that believes it is separate from God, a world that the ego has created, a world that needs war in order to survive for the ego thrives in conflict for in conflict it confirms its own existence for it has the chance to engage with other egos and therefore confirm that is does in fact exist.

The world of separation is divided, your mind is divided into two hemispheres, this is the world of duality that has created itself to be unlike God for it cannot hear God it can only hear the voice of the ego.

Dear Ones the vibrations of Divine Love are now bombarding your planet at an unprecedented level. This influx is facilitating incredible changes within your physical body. Many of you are experiencing directly the changes, they are tangible and you are all experiencing varying degrees of and many different symptoms of these physical changes, including dizziness, forgetfulness, loss of perception of time, disorientation, neck pain, headaches, pain in the area of the face, throat and nose. Dear Hearts these are all perfectly normal and they are all symptomatic of changes occurring within your physical brain structure.

Dear Hearts you are evolving from a separated brain to a whole brain. Your brain was intended by God to function as one whole, not two opposing halves. In two halves, conflict will always arise, in one whole lies peace and unity, perfectly working in harmony.

Up until now you have experienced a high degree of noise in your mental body that has created a very noisy world outside of itself to perpetuate the noise, you live in a world that bombards the senses at every turn so that your chances of finding any kind of connection to the voice of God are all but impossible.

Dear Ones, I can help you with this if you would but allow me to. I can make sense of the noise for you and help you find the stillness within the chaos wherein lies the voice of God. For you are a Divine Being in a human body, you are here to fulfil your part in the Divine Plan that is unfolding in every second of every day upon this beautiful Blessed planet and in the entire Omniverse.

My precious Hearts you were never meant to journey thinking you are alone, with no guidance and no connection to the Supreme Intelligence that orchestrates the Divine Plan. This intelligence knows you and knows your Divine Blueprint and will assist you every step of the way and will allow you to come to no harm and be at total peace in the knowing that you are a precious Child of God lovingly cared for and helped and supported in every moment of every day. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I can bridge the gap. Let me help you. I Love you. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.



AuthorGillian Ruddy