Greetings Dear Ones! It is I Lord Emanuel come to be with you again this day. And Dear Ones if you would but truly receive all that is available to you right now, I would have to write no more, for you would receive it all yourself. But we are not there yet my Dear Ones we are not there yet. But you can receive way more than you will allow yourselves while reading these words if you will but get still first and quieten your mind and take a few moments to breathe deeply into your abdomen. That is so much better already, isn’t it?

Isn’t it curious that we judge one state of being to be better than another? When you take the time it takes to get still and empty your mind of all the noise from all the comings and goings of your life this day and probably yesterday and they day before and all the worry and stress that you carry around, when you take a few moments to lighten your load and it feels better we will judge that place to be good and the other place to be bad. Now there is one sure way to keep us in a perpetual state of ill-ease with ourselves! What if, Dear Ones, every state that you are in is ‘good’? What if everything that you feel including sadness and despair are good?

This concept takes a little while to sink in and a little while longer to realise in your daily life. The purpose of your life is joy my Dear Ones and this is often misinterpreted as feeling happy all the time. This is not what it means. This should give you some relief for many of you are feeling very far from joyous in every moment at present!

Many of you are feeling despair and hopelessness, fear and doubt and many of you are taking this to mean that you are far from your spiritual ideal. My Dear Ones I cannot express this to you enough, you have arrived, this is it, you are you and it is good enough, spiritual enough and you are perfect and whole now. You are not your thoughts, you are pure awareness and your behaviour is part of a greater Divine Plan that unfolds perfectly in every moment orchestrated by a Supreme Intelligence.

It’s time to really know this as your Truth so that you can let go of all attachment to and judgement of your thoughts and emotional state of Being. From this place of relaxation you can start to choose to feel better. Start to really be aware of how you are feeling and when you feel pulled off centre by someone or something and start to have the conscious awareness to choose to feel differently by thinking differently rather than being pulled into the emotion and thought and running off with it down a path that leads to pain and confusion and misery.

Your thoughts are like clouds on a sunny day. The pure bright blue sky between the clouds is the stillness, the pure limitless You. Most of you my precious Ones, are distracted by the clouds and look only at them and follow them as they merge with another one and another until there is no blue sky left to see.  I say to you Dear Hearts, see the clouds, witness the clouds and let them float on by as you keep your attention on the clear pure bright blue sky. The clouds will come and go but the blue sky is eternal and in that stillness is limitless potential. In that stillness is the real You. This is the meaning of the biblical statement "Be Still and know that I AM God".

This is what you are striving for Dear Hearts, the space between the clouds, the stillness between your thoughts. Awareness like this can only come when you give room by ceasing the relentless chatter that comes with constant judgement of your thoughts, your state of being and indeed the constant judgement of your outer world.

My Dear Hearts, you are the pioneers, you are the brave hearts that are cutting a path for others to follow just like I did for you. You are Master co-Creators, our Father-Mother God created you in the likeness which means, God gave the Children of God the same powers as Him/Herself. You cannot yet fully understand the implications of this but you can understand that you are the great I AM Starseed Race and you are here to co-Create with your Father-Mother God to evolve and expand in creativity and abundance. To do this effectively and aligned with the will of God you must Master your thoughts and you must practise non-judgement of yourself and your thoughts, meaning placing no attachment to them.

Dear Hearts your diligence in this is greatly and swiftly rewarded. You can experience joy in sadness and joy in any circumstance you find yourself in and when you do you have entered the Kingdom of Heaven for you are the Kingdom of Heaven. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and you may have forgotten but it has not forsaken you. Heaven awaits your Gracious return. I Love you. God Bless You.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.



AuthorGillian Ruddy