Dear Ones, it is I Lord Emanuel come to be with you again this fine day. How are you my Dear precious Hearts? How are you? I feel you Dear Ones, each and every one of you individually and if you will allow me into your heart you will feel me also. This can be achieved by taking some very long and slow deep breaths in through your nose and out through mouth, imagine if you will, breathing in Light and exhaling out density and you can call that dark but please, attach no meaning to that word, it is not good or bad it is just density leaving making more room in your physicality for more Light to enter. That is why it feels so good Dear Ones! Take as many of these breaths as you feel comfortable to do, 7 is ideal. Now be still in the silence and feel my presence as I come to be with you. Yes you, I do not mean anyone else!

Some of you may read these messages and manage to detach from them, yes, I know! And although you enjoy reading them immensely, you feel that connection is for someone else that I don’t really mean you. I DO MEAN YOU!! This message is written for you, was called into being by you and I am talking directly to you! And you can experience this directly by taking the very short time that it takes just to breathe and connect and you will directly experience me for yourself. I now have a deep and meaningful relationship with many of you and I AM so grateful and Blessed. But this is available to all of you and I appeal to those of you who feel they are not worthy of my individual attention. Please do not mistake this for humility, for it is not. It is your ego who will have you believe that I am superior to you and that you are not worthy of my deepest Love.

My Dear friends, I AM your Brother, we were created equal and you are no less worthy of my Love than I am of yours. Religion has distorted many things in my name and it serves the religions of the world to place me as separate from you, to be something you are not, to have powers that you do not. This is not true my Dear Ones, you have everything I have, I merely walked the Earth before you and laid a path for you to follow and I return to guide you along that path, to walk beside you and gently remind you when you reach a cross roads or stumble along the road. Accept my help for we all need it, mankind fell into darkness, it is a struggle to navigate a road on which there is little or no Light. Let my lantern illuminate your path so that you at least can see where to put your feet down upon the path and know that in the presence of Light, no dark can exist.

And just as no dark can exist in the presence of Light, so my Dear Ones can no fear exist in the presence of Love. No fear can exist in the presence of Love. Take moment to receive that Dear Ones, and let in what that really means. Just as a light switch flicked on instantaneously removes all dark in a room, so Love can do the same in a body full of fear.

So many of you Dear Ones are experiencing great amounts of Fear, manifesting in all sorts of debilitating ways, causing you to question the path that you are walking causing you to question all the work that you have done, all the books that you have read, many of you feel that you are travelling backwards as you experience great amounts of fear and sometimes panic at the events of your life that are unfolding and of the events in the world that continue to spiral out of control.

My Dear Ones, now more than ever I ask you to stay centred within yourself. When you experience fear rising in your body, know that it is rising to be released and transmuted back to the Light. Do not judge it, do not hold onto it, allow it to pass through, feel it with no resistance and simply allow the energy to pass. As you stay present to it in this way, it will pass and pass quickly and upon its exit from your physical body you can make a conscious choice to get back to Love. And I can help you. Call on me and I will come, ask to be filled with Divine Love if you can’t yet generate that Love within your heart or if the fear is too strong for you to deal with alone, call me and I will shower you with all the Love from above and that Love will wash through you and banish any traces or after effects of any fear that passed through.

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe! And connect to all the Love from above that is available to you every moment of every day.  Love is everything and it will obliterate Fear. Fear cannot exist in the presence of Love. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and my Love for you is Eternal. God Bless you.


Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.


AuthorGillian Ruddy