I AM here Dear Ones, Greetings to you! Greetings, Greetings to you on this fine, fine day here on planet Earth. How are you this day Dear Hearts? How are you? How are you managing with all that is going on around you? Challenging times we are living here on Earth very challenging times indeed. You are in transition Dear Ones, please remember this as you move through these times, you are in transition. This means anything you may be experiencing that you may be judging as a negative experience, will pass. This is what it means to be in transition, an uncomfortable phase of change because you are neither one place nor the other but in a way, moving through the middle.

May I take this opportunity to remind you Dear Ones that you are doing exceptionally well. You are coping with the challenges admirably and you are appreciated beyond you understanding. Take this to heart Dear Ones, for you need it on the days that you feel you have let yourself down or on the days you feel you might have let others down. These are testing times, every day you are being faced with challenge after challenge as you navigate the ‘stuff’ that is coming up for you. Everything that you have swept under the carpet so to speak will be in the process of being exposed. The rising vibration of this planet means that Light is being shone on every aspect of your life, no stones is being left unturned, the rugs are being lifted and all the dirt you have swept under there is being exposed for all to see. This process can be very uncomfortable for no one wants a visitor in your home lifting up rugs and looking under the furniture to inspect the dust and dirt that may be lurking under there.

No one wants to be exposed Dear Ones but how about you look at it like this: what if you have nothing to hide? What if you know that the dirt got swept under the carpet because that day you were very busy and simply did not have the time to do the job properly or what if you remember that you swept the dirt under the carpet that day because you had so many other jobs to do that your mind was overwhelmed and it was just easier to do it that way for that day. What if you made it OK to have swept dirt under the carpet, so that if anyone should visit and lift the carpet and see your dirt, you don’t mind one little bit because you know that you were doing the very best that you could at that time with what you had available to you.

Do you think Dear Ones with that perspective on it you might be open to being Light about it? Do you think Dear Ones that with that perspective you might be open to asking your visitor if they would mind helping you sweep up the dirt that you missed? You see Dear Ones, as uncomfortable as it may seem at first, your dirty laundry is nothing to be ashamed of and as soon as you can be kind and gentle with yourself, the sooner you can relax into the unpleasantness that is looking at all the dirt you might have swept under the carpet in you life time.

You see the Light is being shone on your ‘dirt‘ so to speak, whether you like it or not! So it can be painful or it can be an experience that you can go through with a Lighter heart and a knowing that the surrender to the process will make it pass quicker and an acceptance of what lurks in the shadows of your Being will bring you Peace, deep Peace Dear Ones, knowing that you are perfect and whole just as you are right here, right now. You cannot be Loved by your Father-Mother God anymore than you already are right now. But you can be Loved more by yourself.

And in Loving yourself more little miracles will appear as the people around you start to Love you more as you find more Love for them in finding more Love and compassion for yourself.

Now Dear Ones, many of you have read these words and are thinking to yourselves that you already know most of what I have just shared with you. I ask you to think again! I know you Dear Hearts, each and every one of you I know individually. And I can tell you in no uncertain terms that many of you do not Love yourselves as nearly as much as you can. Yes Dear Ones you know the words I share with you in your mind but do you KNOW them in your Being? Meaning, do you put this into action? Dear Ones, I know you know the words and the concept, I am asking you to go into your heart and ask yourself in all honesty could I Love myself more?

It is easy to think you know a so-called spiritual concept just because you have read it a few times or heard it more than once and think you understand it. Just as the rug or carpet is being lifted on what lurks in the shadow of yourself so is the Light being shone on that which you fool yourself with.

Dear Hearts, stop giving yourselves such a needlessly challenging time. You are perfect and whole, you are Loved beyond compare and you are held in eternal unconditional Love and compassion at all times. This is the Truth and this is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you no matter what. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.



AuthorGillian Ruddy