Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel, come to be with you this beautiful day upon your Blessed planet Earth. As always Dear Hearts the pleasure to be here is immense, to be with you, to be received by you and to impart some words to you, is wondrous. Deep breath Dear Ones, deep breath, inhale and exhale so that you become more connected and present to my words. Thank you.

Dear Ones, today I would like to speak upon the subject of Compassion for it is so important to bring yourself back to this place in these times we are in. So easy it is to fall out of compassion especially when we are wriggling through a transitional period and touching the pain that we have been avoiding for so long in our lives of separation. Dear Ones as you feel the discomfort of realising all that you have put in place to keep yourself from feeling the immense pain of separation from Father-Mother God, it is very easy to cast blame and judgement upon others in order to further avoid the intense pain that must come.

This is a very challenging time for you Dear Ones as you realise all the things that you do in life to avoid feeling and to avoid loving your fellow human Being. It is so very clever all the intricate ways we arrange our lives with those close to us, ways we give our power away, ways we exert our power over others, ways we avoid conflict to ‘keep the peace’, ways we allow others to invade our lives because it is easier than to stand up and say no, all the ways we say ‘yes’ when we really would rather not and on and on it goes all strategies to avoid feeling what is at the root of it, separation from our Father-Mother God that leads to looking to another to fill that void. This of course is an impossible task and leads to the intense pain that comes from feeling unloved by our Brothers and Sisters, which causes us to shut down and build walls to avoid feeling any more pain. Underpinning all of this is the belief that we can usurp the power of God, for this is what living in separation truly means. This of course is impossible.

So now you are moving through an intense period of seeing all the ways you cope with life in separation with God. In this realisation you will be feeling all the reasons you are hurting so much and this will inevitably lead to pointing the finger of blame upon your Mother, your Father, your siblings, your first friend at school, your first sexual partner who broke your heart, on and on it goes as you realise the perceived cause of your pain in life.

Dear Ones it is in this pain and realisation that we can begin to lose compassion for our fellow humans and especially close family members whom you have perceived have caused you pain and suffering, for you will now be re-visiting these times in your life when you experienced pain and suffering at the hands of another in order to unwind the damage that has been done to the Altar of God that abides within your heart.

Now Dear Ones, I am not suggesting that there is a straight and easy route to compassion for first you must feel the pain and perhaps the anger, jealousy or whatever emotion you must admit that you are truly feeling, the Truth of your Being. The Truth of what actually lies behind the inauthentic smile as you carry out a task for another that you really would rather not be doing. You understand my meaning Dear Ones? This is a time for Truth. What is the REAL feeling you have underneath your strategies? This must first be expressed safely and this may take on any form depending on you. You must feel your way through, with some help from another and as you know well by now, with some help from me and all my Brothers and Sisters in the Ascended Realm.

Once you have access to the real emotion and have safely expressed this, it is time to seek understanding of another rather than to be understood. Your part in it and your unexpressed emotion is for you to deal with not for another to understand. Seek to understand the other, seek to see what lies behind their actions for they are hurting too and act or have acted from this painful place of seeking Love, crying out for Love in the only the way they can.

If you find this place of understanding another who has caused you pain, especially a close relative or sibling or offspring or partner with whom you share your life, if you can find understanding for them you can access Compassion for them and with this open heart you can find balance once again and in constantly attending to the needs of your heart in order to stay open and stay in Love as often as you can remember, you will once more find harmony in your life with those that you so Dearly Love.

This is no easy task Dear Ones which is why I offer myself to you, to walk with you, to hold your hand to be on the other side of the fire that you must walk through in order to get to the other side and to who you really are. I AM here, this is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you beyond measure. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.



AuthorGillian Ruddy