Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel come among you again this day. Is it a glorious day with you Dear Ones? If not, why not? Tell me my Dear Hearts, what is it that is taking anything away from what is a glorious day, for this is the Truth, every day in the Creation of God is glorious, anything less is simply not real. If it is not created by God then it is not real, anything of man made creation is not real therefore it cannot harm you in anyway Dear Ones, this is the Truth.

Take a deep breath Dear Hearts, a long deep breath in and a long slow deliberate exhale out. Exhale out all the worries and concerns that you may have in the knowing that they are not real. Tell me, what is it that is keeping you from this Glorious day in Creation? Can you list them? Come tell me Dear Ones, just make a start, tell me all the things right now that may be preventing you from really feeling just how magnificent a day this is.

Once you get going you might find you have quite a list there, Dear Ones! That’s OK and you may find that your life is so perfect that you have nothing on the list and that is OK too!

But I am thinking most of you will have a few things on that list Dear Hearts and I would like to ask of you something a little different today. I would like you to actually write them down. Write down the list of things that are on your mind that are keeping you from seeing that this day is the most perfect and splendid day ever.

Thank you, that is very good. Be as honest as you can with this Dear Ones, as honest as you can be about what it is that is weighing on your mind. Now ask yourself this. What on your list is the Creation of God? Who has created the things on your list that are causing you so much distraction from what is real? For the reality is, this is the most perfect day in an abundant Universe and you are a Creator Being of limitless potential.

Have a good look at what is on your list. Do any things listed involve another person? Meaning, are any of the reasons that you may feel disgruntled today have anything to do with your relationship with another? Do any of the things on your list feel outwith your control? Are there reasons on your list that you feel are coming from the external world?

Really look at each one Dear Hearts and if you have not taken the time to write a list, do it now, it is such a valuable exercise just to actually look at what is on your mind. Look at what is real for you, right now, today.

So which of these things are actually coming from your body? For example, you may be feeling this day is less than glorious if you have a headache or a chronic injury or you may be feeling less than the Glory of Creation this day brings by feeling another person has hurt you or betrayed you, you may be feeling less than the infinite joy that is waiting for you in this day because of the weather, the unpaid bill, the mounting debt, the neighbour who is disrespectful, you get my meaning Dear Ones.

Now look at this list and one by one, forget what is actually written but as you read the words, FEEL what is going on inside your body as you read the words, how does each thing on the list make YOU feel? And then just feel it, really feel it. Know that what is real is only what God has created and what is real is that you have access now to infinite joy and abundance and the life of your dreams.

So make a choice right now Dear Ones, how do you want to feel? Do you want to wake up every morning and FEEL the joy of another day in an infinitely abundant Universe, knowing you are totally safe in the hands of your Father- Mother God, the Creator of your life, the giver of your life?

Feel me now Dear Ones, I AM the Son of Father-Mother God and I can be a bridge for you to access Divine Love now. Take a deep breath and feel me now, ask me directly to fill you with the Light and Love of God, sit quiet and still and receive. Do nothing but be still and receive. Do it now and wait. Let me fill you up.

Feel me now Dear Ones and know the only thing that keeps you from feeling this way every second of every day is if YOU allow anything or anyone to take your attention from it. You can navigate this world and keep this connection, you can interact with others and keep this connection, this Divine Love in your heart, you can raise children and keep this connection, you can Dear Ones you can do it. You would not have incarnated upon this planet at this time if it were not within your capability. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel. Stay with these messages Dear Ones, you are well on your way home. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy