Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel come to be with you this day. How are you? How are you really? For I know already Dear Ones, I AM with you, I AM with you and I can feel how you are but I ask you so that you can access that information for yourself. Now that may seem a little ridiculous that I would ask you how you are so that you can find out for yourself. But that is quite the way it is Dear Ones. So often we do not know how we really are because we do not take the time to FEEL how we are. How often do you pass someone by in the street, in the shops in the supermarket and ask them ‘How are you?’ And how often do you hear ‘Fine’?! This is how a conversation goes in the typical street or supermarket....’How are you?’....’Fine, how are you?’.......’Oh fine’....!!!  And then what usually follows is a story about this and that maybe some gossip or other, but usually it will be a story with no feeling. So Dear Ones I ask you, how are you today?, so that you can answer me with all honesty as best you can, so that you can access what is really going on for you right now.

Take a moment, close your eyes and as I always ask you, take a few deep breaths to connect, and find that stillness within you. From this place you have access to all the intelligence you require to know what is going on for you right now in the present moment. From this place of stillness you can feel your emotional body, your physical body, your mental and your etheric body. Spend some time in each of these levels of your existence just to see what you find. You may be surprised by what you find, you may find nothing, meaning you can’t feel anything and all is good.

Dear Ones, once you learn how to access the intelligence of your Being, that is your human Being, the next thing to become aware of is your judgement of your state of being. As you begin to access and become aware of the various levels of your Being, you will start to notice that what accompanies this awareness is a string of thoughts and judgements around what you find. We judge sadness as being negative, anger as negative and we judge happiness as positive. We judge feeling energetic and alive as positive and feeling stiff and sluggish as negative. Just notice these things and make none of it wrong.

Dear Ones as I have imparted before, we all make judgements and that is OK, that is human nature, the trick is to give no power to them. So to be aware of your judgements of yourself is the first step, start to listen to the critical voice in your head, actually catch it and ask yourself is that true? Be playful and light, and make it your goal just to be the observer of all this myriad of ‘stuff’ going on inside of you.

Dear Ones, this is critical to self acceptance and acceptance of where you are now. You cannot move forward in life until you can accept and be happy with where you are at now. Even if that means you are not perfectly fit and healthy or if you are depressed or if you suffer from any illness, mental illness, or if you are in a job you hate that brings you down all the time, even if you are not happy with your life in any way, it is so very important that you take an honest look at where you are right now. Until you do this and accept this and Love where you are, you will not move forward because until you know where you are, you cannot make any changes that will last or have any lasting impact on your life.

It is time to get real my Dear Hearts, with everything but especially with yourself. For when you know and are aware of how you are FEELING then you can own that for yourself, take responsibility for it and act on it. Until then you are simply a helpless victim of life, open to the control of external forces that will keep you from living a life of freedom.

Dear Ones, own how you feel, claim YOUR experience on this sweet Earth as your own. Express how you feel, this is where your power lies. No one can deny your feelings for they are your own, they belong to you and you have the right to express how you feel about every single thing that affects you upon this Blessed Earth. Become aware of how you really feel, own that feeling and express it to the world. Here is your power. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you so very dearly, my Brave Hearts.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name 

AuthorGillian Ruddy