Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel, how are you this day? I come to greet you once more. Come unto me my Dear Ones, come unto me, I AM here now with you as you read these words and I Love you so very much. Take a deep breath Dear Hearts, a deep breath, as deep as you can manage and exhale out all your worries, all that is causing tension in you, all the negativity that may be lingering, let it all out and just for this moment be free from all that you own, all that you take care of and just be, here with me. For this moment it is just you and me.

What would you bring to me this day I wonder? For there is nothing you could bring to me that would lessen my Love for you. There is nothing you could tell me about yourself that would detract one ounce from the Love I feel for you. I wonder if this is true of you Dear Ones. Can you say the same of yourself? Is there anything that you have done or have thought about doing or is there something you have said that you are ashamed of, embarrassed about or that when you recall that memory it makes you shrink into a lesser Being? Are there things about yourself that if you admit them to yourself it lessens the Love you have for yourself?

I think so Dear Hearts, I think so. And in some cases I think there may be a great many things that you hold within you that if you were to share out loud with someone you would think yourself a very terrible person indeed. It is why you do not share it!

But in the not sharing Dear Ones you store it within you, that energy has to go somewhere and when it is not expressed it is stored within you. You cannot hide these things Dear Ones, yes, you can keep them silent within you, your deepest darkest secrets, but you cannot hide them from me, not from Father-Mother God and actually not from anyone else either. For even if your fellow human being has not yet embodied their I AM Presence and is yet to discover All There Is to know about everything and everyone, they can still ‘see’ your hidden secrets for although you have them well hidden out of sight the energy it takes for you to keep these things hidden is written all over you face or body. The things you hide from people are to be seen in the subtleties of your body language, the way you interact with others, how open you are with people and in the tone of your voice. The most telling thing of all is how open you are with others. Everyone can feel how open another is.

But you can never fully open if you hold a secret about yourself, for if you hide some deep dark secret, how can you be fully open to another human being?....for they may expose you as the horrible, unattractive person that you are!! Which is quite ridiculous is it not my friends?!

You know by now that you are magnificent Creator Beings that are perfect right now, whole right now, perfect right NOW and there is NOTHING that you can say that can change that. NOTHING.

So would you like to be more open with more people? Would you like to be lighter in your physical body? Of course you would and here is where I can help you once more. Come tell me. Tell me everything! In days gone by that would be called confession but I do not like to think of it in that way for Dear Hearts, you have not sinned. There is no sin. There is only lack of Love. Love is Everything and every action by a human Being is either an act of Love or a cry for Love. Nothing else.

Also, confession in days gone by was sometimes an act of handing over power to another human Being as if you are less than that person. This is never the case and human Beings have a tendency to judge don’t they Dear Hearts?, and this is where it can become a little challenging to share the full ‘horror’ if you like of anything you may have done. And I say horror very lightly Dear Ones, for humans do judge themselves harshly first and foremost. Whatever you have done will not be half as ‘bad’ as you think and not bad at all in reality for there is no good and bad, there is just what is.

So, my Dear Hearts as an Ascended Being my Love for you cannot be diminished by anything you could say to me that you may have done in your past. I urge you to call upon me and I will hear your words and unburden you once more from the heaviness that is carrying around the weight of that which has gone unheard and unspoken, I will release the energy of the past for you so you can be free of it. Call my name and I shall come before you and take your pain and suffering that comes of harbouring a deep secret.

This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and it is my great joy to help you release and rise, the beautiful, magnificent Children of God That You Are. Absolute Perfection. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy