Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel come again this day. I am so grateful to be here among you in this way, it is such a privilege to me and I am blessed to be in your good company again. Dear Ones, you are so dearly Loved and appreciated beyond measure here in the Higher Realms. We feel your pain, we know your struggle and we watch your courage, your strength and your incredible fortitude to keep putting one foot in front of the other despite the challenges you face and despite the hardship that is walking in the Valley of the Shadows. The rewards of such a journey also cannot be measured and I urge you to keep this in the front of your mind as you traverse the steep terrain that is this transition you find yourself in.

Dear Ones as you awaken more and more each day it can be so very challenging. For you are remembering who you are, some of you are remembering where you came from and many of you know why you are here. As you continue along this path of remembering and onto the path of Becoming, the outer world can appear worse than ever. This can be a very distressing time Dear Ones as simultaneously you are Becoming more and more sensitive, and you already are a very sensitive soul, so it is doubly challenging that your sensitivity increases as the outer world seems to slide into more chaos and more atrocity that can be almost too much to bear for you at times. Such an open heart and sensitive soul in these times can be such a challenge Dear Ones, such a challenge. I urge you with all my heart, to call upon the help of the Ascended Realm and the Great Angelic Host and all the Great Cosmic Beings for they will come, my Dear Ones, they will come and they will assist you and they will raise you if you are open to receive them. They will lighten your load, they will answer your questions and they will comfort you and soothe you as you pass through these times.

Dear Ones, often I hear you exclaim...’but I am alone down here, I cannot see you, I cannot hear you, how can you say I am not alone? How can you comfort me? You know not what it is to be upon this earth at this time’......But I do know Dear Ones, I walked upon your earth I lived my life so that I could be a Light for you in the dark. I walked the path you are walking and I do know what challenges you face, I understand Dear Ones I do. Just because you cannot see me or you cannot hear me does not mean that I am not right beside you. The energy of me that comes to you, that is with you now as you reads these words, exists in another dimension. I occupy the same space but in another dimension. I can see you, I can hear you and most importantly I can FEEL you and my heart is with you, every beat your heart makes, mine is beating with yours. Be open to receive me or any Ascended Master, Angel or Cosmic Being and eventually you will hear us my Dear Ones, and eventually you will see us also.

It is your Love for me that determines how much of me can come to you and how much of my help you can receive. And this is true of all Ascended Beings, Cosmic Beings and your Father-Mother God. How much Love you send out is exactly how much Love you can receive back for it is your personal vibration going out into the Universe that is sent back to you with what you require and it is the strength of your Love that determines how much of myself it is possible for me to give to you and how much I can assist you in your daily life.

So if you feel abandoned, hopeless and alone and you wallow in this self pity and pain and project and emit anger and resentment out into the Universe at me or your Father-Mother God, and this is OK, you are not open to receive us and you are not able to receive us as we have no energy to work with to send back to you. Then you will surely feel more abandoned, lost and alone and more resentful that you have been abandoned down here upon a planet that is hostile and unloving. This is NEVER the case. You are Loved without condition, eternally. This is NEVER in question.

Dear Ones, when you feel lost or alone or abandoned by me or God, use this pain to open your heart, not to close it. This pain can open your heart when you admit the vulnerability of your position, instead of closing you heart and being defensive and resentful. In your darkest moments this is the time to be the most honest with yourself, if you feel helpless, really FEEL it and admit you are lost, really FEEL it and open your heart, for in this place of vulnerability is the space for Love and compassion and with this energy flowing out to Father-Mother God or me or any Ascended Being then all that can come back to you is Love and compassion and overflowing Light and Love from above that will lift you, raise you and get you up off the floor and back into the powerful, joyful co-Creator that you really are.

Dear Hearts, admit you are vulnerable, put down your defences and God can flood into your heart, pour through you and out of you into your world and the Light and Love of God will transform your world to the Heaven on Earth you remember it to be. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you no matter what, always. God Bless you Dear Hearts.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy