Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel with you this day and I AM here, Dear Ones and as I have come to ask of you every day, take a moment to FEEL my presence, just stop reading for a moment, be still and breathe in deeply and feel my presence with you.

Thank you. So many of you read these words and get so much from them but perhaps neglect to connect with me. You can get so much more if you just take the time to slow down, relax and get comfortable, know that these words are here just for you and in the short time we have together, to be fully present to me will give you the maximum healing available to you at every level of your Being. Sometimes it is easy to read the words quickly to get a ‘fix’ of feeling better or to get relief in your day and there is nothing wrong with that my Dear Ones, but I AM real, I AM really with you, a Being just like you but with the advantage of being ever present when you think of me or call upon me and I have the advantage of having walked the path you are now walking. As with all Beings of Light, it is our fundamental nature to Light the path of those Children of God who walk behind us. But my Dear Ones, to engage the help of the Ascended realm and Angelic Kingdom you must ask. We will NEVER impose ourselves upon another’s life stream under any circumstances unless we are asked to do so. This is a Universal Law that is never broken in the Higher dimensions.

This fundamental Universal Law is broken however upon earth, in fact your world had fallen so far that nearly everything has been turned upon its head. It would appear to be a normal way of life for most living upon the Earth to step into and intervene in another person’s life stream without being asked to do so. It has become almost a normal way to live and interact with one another that when you have an interaction with a fellow human being there are constant judgements  and assumptions made based upon clothing on the physical body, the way that person chooses to wear their hair, their possessions they choose to wear on their body, all of these things form a judgement about a person before even one word has been spoken. From this place an ‘enlightened’ conversation is already dead in the water, it cannot happen UNLESS you acknowledge the human habit that is judgement and be completely honest with yourself that you have judgements and watch them float in and out of your mind. If you can, be light and perhaps even have giggle at the ridiculous nature of judging someone upon their physical appearance and then let them go. Now you have a chance of an ‘enlightened’ conversation whereby you might actually connect with the real human being in front of you instead of the ‘act‘ that person has chosen for that day, which you buy into when you fall for the judgements and assumptions you make based on outward appearance.

And now comes the conversation which is yet another mine field of judgement, every statement made by another will be listened to and judged by you, even if you think you are the most spiritually enlightened person on Earth, you would have to be an Ascended Master (I am afraid you are not there yet Dear Ones!) to be without judgement. Admit to yourself that you have this and accept it. As soon as you can accept that you make judgements constantly and that these judgements then interfere with your Divine Self, the real you, until you accept them as part of you and part of your human experience, they will run you. Accept the judgements and they have no power over you.

My Dear Ones this takes a bit of awareness on your part. As you speak with another human being, open your heart if you can and listen, track your judgements, watch them, admit they are there and release them and look for the good in another, find a positive trait even if there appear to be none! Find something upon which to place your attention that is positive and watch that person unfold in front of you into a feeling, compassionate human being. Dear Ones, it is not our place to teach and preach to others or to point out where other people may be going wrong. You cannot possibly judge where they are, what path they have chosen and what is ahead for them on their chosen path, this ability will come to you in the future and even then, you have no right to interfere in this chosen path.

Respect one another’s right to live in accordance with their own truth whatever that may be and no matter how out of line with your personal truth. Your power lies within, your power lies with living YOUR truth, quietly and respectfully and it is when another Brother or Sister sees your Light and ASKS for your help, this is when you are allowed to intervene and not a moment before.

Dear Ones, stop looking externally to solve your problems and stop trying to make other people into what you want them to be and stop condemning them for what they are not. It is time to really pull within, bring all of your attention within you and pay heed to your Divine connection to Father-Mother God. Do this and your world will transform around you in a ways that you can only dream of. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and you are more powerful than you think you are. Take you power back. God Bless you my Dear Hearts.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.


AuthorGillian Ruddy