Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel, I AM here, I AM come to be with you again this day. My Love for you is overflowing, take a moment to feel my Love pour upon you, around you, through you, breathe it in and allow every cell in your body to receive me and allow every fibre of your Being to relax. You are safe. My Dear Ones you are safe and looked after and taken care of no matter what the outside reality may be demonstrating to you. Even if you do not perceive your life to be that way, you are Dear Ones you are, you are safe.

You may already be aware and you may not Dear Ones, that life upon this planet is an existence of duality that has been allowed to fall below that which was Created by Father-Mother God. Meaning the contrast, the spectrum of your duality is vast and has allowed in a darkness that has ruled your planet and shaped your existence here on Earth for 13 millennia. What this means to you today, my Dear Hearts is that you have been raised from the moment your consciousness entered your developing physical body in the womb, you have been raised in an environment in which you do not feel safe. Before you even left the comfort and safety of the womb you already knew you were about to enter a warzone, for quite literally that is what you are living on Earth. Whichever way you want to look at it, from a physical point of view you world is at war and has been in continual war in your living memory and from an etheric point of view there has been a ‘battle’ waging between Light and dark since mankind fell into darkness. And I use the word ‘battle’ with caution, for to imply that we fight the dark would be misleading. The dark cannot exist in the presence of Light. There is no battle. To say it is a tactical game of chess would be more accurate.

Never-the-less you were born into and have been raised in a world where the fundamental human need to feel safe is not present and not available. This is a product of duality and separation from Father-Mother God for without your connection ‘home’ how can you possibly feel safe? This feeling is amplified by the separation experienced by being raised by parents who are in separation and hurt and fear and unable to nurture you in the way that you require to become fully fledged sovereign Beings upon this Blessed Earth.

The darkness plays upon all of this and you are bombarded with negativity through your media; news, advertising, books, films, government propaganda on and on it goes, so that by the time you reach adulthood you are so entrenched in fear and so preoccupied with basic survival that you can never relax, never be still and never ever feel safe. Even when you sleep at night you are programmed to fear the dark, fear intruders, fear fear fear goodness Dear Ones, can you see how miraculous it is, can you see how amazing you are to have got this far through the quagmire of negativity that is pumped into you from before birth?!

So, my Dear Ones your world is stacked against the chance that you will ever feel safe and relaxed enough to find your connection to God. It is in the state of relaxation brought about by feeling of total safety that you can ‘phone home’ which will ultimately lead you to ‘be home’ while still in a physical body upon a physical planet, which is the state of Resurrection and in this 7th Golden Age, Ascension with your planet.

So my Precious Hearts, can you now see the importance of the knowing that you are safe? You must see through all the nonsense that is perpetuated upon your planet, you must see through the adverts and visual images that you are bombarded with. See through the message that appears to be on the surface and FEEL what is underneath, the message you will find is usually a fear inducing one which will make you feel uncomfortable. See the news for what it is, nothing but an endless stream of fear inducing negativity, see children’s story books for what they are, or television programmes, fear inducing tales of dark and Light, good and evil. Dear Ones imagine a world where our children never hear of the dark for it does not exist, imagine a world full of children who never learn to fear anything, such a world would be so brilliantly Light and full of joy it would be, well it would be Heaven on Earth, and that is exactly what is coming to you my Dear Ones when you understand that you ARE safe, you are taken care of and that all your fear comes from false programming pumped into your from pre-birth.

Dear Hearts even if you don’t feel it, give it to yourself anyway. Do something to your environment that makes you feel totally safe, whatever that may be. Lock the door, turn your phone completely off, turn up the heating, get yourself a blanket and make a nurturing bed and curl up in it and then breathe, meditate and connect to your Father-Mother God in whatever way you can. Give yourself safety, give yourself the feeling of safety and ask to be showered with Divine Light and Love and that feeling will grow and grow and grow until you know in your heart that no human creation can touch you, no harm can ever come to you and from this place of power you can and you will create a world of peace, harmony and total safety for all life evolving upon this sweet and Blessed planet. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I will cocoon you in my Love if you will ask me to. God Bless you my Precious Ones.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.


AuthorGillian Ruddy