Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel with you again this day. And I AM with you right now. Take a moment to sense my presence, to feel my presence. Each and every one of you has your own unique way of sensing my presence and if you take a moment in silence and take a few deep deep breaths in deep into your belly and find stillness within, and ask, call my name I will come and you may ask of me to show you a sign, a symbol, a colour, a smell or whatever it may be to alert you to my presence and I will.

It is important that you find the still place first my Dear Ones. Take the time it takes in a quiet place and use your breath my Dear Ones, this is so important. It is so important that you come to understand the importance of your Sacred Breath, for it is sacred when used consciously, for it connects you to the other realms of existence, it is the vehicle that the Light enters you body through all the 144,000 chakra points of your body. If you do not already do so, take at least 10 minutes out of your day in a quiet spot to practise conscious Sacred Breathing.

I have taught you this in previous messages but it will do us no harm to go over this once more. The In-breath comes in through the nose, breathing in the Light, in your minds eyes see it pass through your brain, igniting with Light all the sacred areas of your brain that are beginning to wake, bring that In-Breath down through your spine, washing through all the nerves of your spine down to your sacrum, then bring the Out-Breath up the front of your body, again in the mind’s eye and exhale long, slow and deep, out of your open mouth, until all the air is expelled from your lungs and if you wish you can attach all unconsciousness to the exhale or all the negativity that you are holding, see it all leave the body as you exhale. There are many ways to use the breath Dear Ones, in a sacred and conscious manner, but this is the simplest and all that is required for you to connect.

So once you have done maybe 7 of these deep breaths in and out, call my name, using whatever name you wish to give me, it does not matter I know who is calling for me and I will come. And Dear Ones, you can ask me anything, share your problems with me and I will answer and I will also give you something to know me by, a symbol, a colour, a smell, something personal to you that if you should see it or come by it in your daily life, you will know I am near, watching over you and guiding you or perhaps even prompting you to take action or to think of me and take guidance from me. My Dear Ones this will be our personal signal if you will, that I AM with you. When you see it in your daily life, wake up, take notice and be alert for guidance or may be just a big massive wave of Love and gratitude for you existence, just when you need it!

I ask this of you Dear Ones because it is time that you live more conscious lives, you have been working so hard on the path of Light and you have moved forward in leaps and bounds, your progress is quite staggering to us in the Ascended realms, we are in awe of you. But as you asked for an accelerated experience, you are getting it, keep on moving forward Dear Ones at an ever increasing pace, time to start putting into practise all that you have learned, all that you know ‘in theory’. For you know so much Dear Ones, you have read so many books, been to countless workshops and seminars, given all you have to live a conscious life with Love and respect for your fellow human.

But I know Dear ones that the books make it sound so easy! To actually live that life in reality is another story and Dear Ones I know the challenges you face. But do not let up in your efforts, it is time to actually live the conscious life you know you can. It is time to stay awake, stay awake, stay wake in every moment of every day. No falling asleep at the wheel!! And this is why I ask you to ask me for a sign, symbol, colour or smell that I can use to alert you when you may well have fallen asleep at the wheel!

The times when a negative thought about another has crept into your mind, a quick sharp thought that is loaded with negativity, allow me to alert you to the thoughts so that you can release them, let them go and stay focussed on the positive or that which feels good, thoughts that bring a smile to your face not a scowl! Allow me in my Dear Ones, to help you on this long and sometimes arduous road. You are so quickly approaching the brow of the hill. Do not give up now my Dear Hearts but dig deep, find that resolve deep within you and keep striding up that hill. For what is waiting for you is beyond your wildest imagination. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you Dear Hearts more than you can possibly fathom. God Bless each and every one of your beautiful souls.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy