Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel who is here to be among you and speak with you again this day. It is my great honour and I am so grateful, so deeply grateful that you return to me day after day to read the words of wisdom and comfort I bring forth for you. And we do so need comfort Dear Ones, especially in these times we live in, so much comfort is required for your physical body, mental and emotional bodies, in fact on every level of your being, you would be wise to take comfort as often as you can to soothe yourself on every level.

Now I will take care here Dear Ones, for there is a very big difference between the taking of comfort that is required for the healthy functioning of your physical existence at every level of your being and quite another to take comfort in an unhealthy manner to compensate for something missing in your life, for unbalanced energy within your system and to ‘plaster up the cracks’ if you will to give yourself what you think you need to feel better.

How do you tell the difference between these two? My Dear Ones, it is so very simple if you would just take the time in life to ‘check in‘ with yourself. Your human system is far far more complex than your Doctors and medical professions would have you know and with that physical system  (I refer to it as a ‘system’ as you exists on many levels that are unseen, you are in fact a Universe within a Universe within a Universe etc but that is quite another matter and not for the purpose of this message do you require to know about that).....

so with the physical system that was Created for you by your Father-Mother God and countless Beings in the unseen, was Created within it the inherent ability to know what is good for you, to know what you need to nourish you, to know when you need to sleep, to know when you need to move, to know what with and when you need to be hydrated, what herbs you need to maintain the perfect balance of your internal systems, in fact my Dear Ones, you contain the means to acquire all the information you need to know what your physical system needs at any given moment, every moment of every day. And Creator made sure this Blessed planet was seeded with a bountiful God-supply of all that the human system requires to function optimally and more!

This is conscious living in optimum health. ONLY if you take the time to listen to your body and more importantly ACT on your systems’ intelligence OVER AND ABOVE what anyone else tell you to do, no matter if they are qualified or unqualified to do so.

Giving your whole system ‘comfort’ is to honour what your body/mind/spirit needs at any given time and this could mean anything, quite literally anything! From a hug, to a smoothie, to being listened to, to a new pillow to rest your head upon, to cosy slippers, to a meditation, to a jog in the park, to a stretch, to reading, to a piece of chocolate to.......quite literally anything!

So when is comforting oneself unhealthy? What is the difference? The difference Dear Ones, is when this comforting is done unconsciously. When one gives oneself things just because that is what we have always done or because it gives us some relief in some way or because we get to hide from the world for a while and this is when the difference can be very very subtle and can be used as a strategy to avoid life and to fill the void that is created when we live in separation and duality.

You KNOW the difference deep down, the difference in taking a nap because our physical body genuinely needs a rest or taking a nap because we are ‘checking out’ of the world, shutting down from it because we cannot cope. The difference between going for a pleasant walk or run because our physical body requires to move or a jog that is a torturous routine because ’we must stay healthy’ whilst probably doing the physical body more harm than good. Do you see the difference my Dear Ones? Can you feel the subtleties of it? We can fool ourselves so easily.

So how will you know when you are so clever at fooling yourself? Well you start by getting into the habit, if you are not already doing so, getting into the habit of communicating with our bodies, asking what your system needs on every level. How do we do that? As with all things my Dear Ones, we go within, go within and find stillness and ask, what does my system need right now? What would bring me the most comfort? Is that habit healthy? And so on. You are highly intelligent Beings with access to all the knowing of the Universe when you go into that still place of the heart where God resides within you. You know exactly what to do.

Dear Ones, commit yourself to being the highest expression of you, commit to being in optimum physical heath and well -being and all that you require to know will flow effortlessly into your awareness. And as always my Dear Hearts, call upon the Ascended Realm to help you and help you they will. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I also am at your service. Call my name and I’ll be there however you require, for comfort, support, anything you need. God Bless you my Precious Hearts. I Love you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy