Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel who is come to be among you this day and it is a glorious day today my Dear Hearts, yes? Glorious! As is every day upon this Blessed Earth when you can see all that is good in everything and everyone every moment of your Being. Now I know this is a lofty statement that you know is not as easy as it sounds but one must have the understanding of what is the ultimate experience here upon this planet. And this Dear Ones, is it. Seeing the glorious Creation of Father-Mother God all around you in every second of every day. This brings you into a state of Joy that many of you have not experienced in living memory for more than minutes at a time. This is the state of being that is your Birthright Dear Ones, it is your absolutely natural state of being and yet you all feel like it is out of your grasp so much so that you dismiss it before you even let the words land in your heart.

Ah yes! I know Dear Ones, I can feel you as you read these words, I know! That before the meaning of the words I speak have even landed within your conscious mind you have already dismissed it at some level as unachievable, as ‘just words’ or a concept that does not really relate to you.

My Dear Hearts you are closer to this state of permanent Joy than you think. What stands in your way is falling away day by day but you do not see it for what it is. For in the falling away, is pain and suffering, in the experiencing of that which must be removed and transmuted back to the Light you FEEL everything and so you feel worse than before and your state of Joy is fleeting, if ever felt at all.

Now, I hope you have been reading the messages that have preceded this one because there is a flow of energy that goes from one message to another and this one follows on from yesterday. You are in an energetic flow with these messages that build one upon the other and yesterday and many days before in different ways I have spoken to you about acceptance and to allow what is happening to happen without judgement. Now I know that has gone in my Dear Ones and now I can explain the next part.

I must also say at this juncture for those of you who have not read previous messages and are new to them, please know that by beginning to read these messages you have automatically linked into the group consciousness of those who read these messages and have already tapped into the energy of that and the energy of all the messages. What you need to know will be downloaded into your consciousness and will be absorbed and integrated as you go. All will become clear and you will catch up very quickly.

So, I have explained the importance of acceptance and allowing what is coming up for you in these challenging times to just come up and be released, to allow it to pass without judgement. It is here that you may find the Joy in whatever you are feeling. This is the key to freedom from the push and pull of emotions. For in the awareness of what you are feeling lies the Joy in every emotion. Allowing feelings and emotions to run through uninhibited and to observe this process rather than be caught up in them or in the judgement of them then you can become the observer of your life rather than the victim.

My Dear Ones, in this is gold, can you see? For in allowing your emotions to run through you they have no power over you and you can live without fear of them. For when you do not fear any emotion you are free. Free to allow anything to flow through you because you know that in the observation of this lies Joy.

Yes Dear Ones, there is Joy in sadness. You all know that when you have experienced a very serious break up that release of crying over a broken heart actually feels intrinsically ‘good’. There is a release and after you feel better. Think of children, they get upset, cry and feel better, then get on with their next important task like investigating a flower and they are back in Joy and wonder in a process than can take minutes.

Dear Hearts, in this place you are free to enjoy all of Creation in every moment of every day. Bask in the glorious nature of Creation for every facet of what you are looking at and experiencing on this Blessed planet is Creation. Radiate that out to the world and that is all you can get back. Infinite joy. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you so much my Dear Dear precious Hearts. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy