Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel come to be with you this day. Such a pertinent time to be able to speak with you Dear Ones, after a weekend when so many are focussed upon my story and my message. The out pouring of Love is so beautiful to receive and I thank you with all my heart Dear Ones. We are in challenging times, make no mistake. One of the greatest challenges ahead for many Christians and indeed peoples of all religious faith is to come to terms with the Truth. Not only of my story but of the world’s religions in general. Their true purpose and their true motivation is to lead the mass of the people away from God.

This is a shocking truth Dear Ones and one that will be a challenge for many to bear. This is a very complex subject matter for there are many many roads home and many many brave souls make their journey home through the church or through whatever religious path they have chosen. There is no right and wrong here. But let me be very clear, the souls that reach enlightenment through organised religion do so by the fortitude of their very Being not through the consent and blessing and teachings of those who presents themselves as closer to God than themselves. Do you understand my meaning Dear Ones? There are many roads home and they are all walked ultimately alone with God. Books, teachers and guides will appear in your life in all forms, in all walks of life, the Universe will communicate to you using every means available to it and sometimes this may be from the mouth of a preacher or priest but this does not make the preacher or the priest better than you or closer to God. Indeed you may be wise to listen to the tramp on the street corner who soothes his or her soul with alcohol, for often it is here you will find the greater Truths and wisdoms imparted to the world.

Dear Ones it is time to open your eyes and open your mind. The world is an expansive part of an infinite Universe. Everything is God. God is everywhere, you know these words Dear Ones but do you know it in your heart? Your church is your world, your church is your garden, your church is in your heart, your church is in a cafe, your church is everywhere. You are in the House of God, every step that you take, every flower that you see or smell, in the smile of every child, in the cry of every baby, in the bark of every dog is the word of God.

Where I AM God is. Where God is I AM.

Dear Ones you may require a helping hand from a teacher, a guide, a book, but ultimately you must know and understand that it all lies within you. All that you need to know is within you and you stand in the House of God. Everything that is presented to you in this house is there to guide you to show you the deeper meaning of you and the deeper meaning of you in relationship to the Great God I AM. You need no priest, you need no preacher and you certainly need no money to walk the path of Light home to the heart of our Father-Mother God.

Any person that tells you otherwise is motivated by darker forces and you would do well to avoid any organisation that is motivated by money to enlighten you. Dear Ones, now more than ever NOW MORE THAN EVER you must pay attention to this. The dark ones know their day is done but their affects linger on and those under their influence linger on and they will try in these challenging times to present you with all the answers and tempt you down the path away from your Father-Mother God into the realms of disempowerment in their desperate attempt to cling to their method of control and to their life line, the energy of fear.

Dear Ones, you have nothing to fear. You stand in the House of God. None shall harm you when you can open your eyes to this Truth. The outer world of appearance is man made, is of human miscreation and therefore is unsupported by any Cosmic Law. Nothing that is of human creation shall touch you when you can accept this as your Truth. You are powerful Creator Beings with the power to command the Will of God.

Dear Ones, step into your power. Your Father-Mother God never intended for you to suffer. Start to see through the eyes of God my Dear Ones, start to feel through the heart of God that resides within your own physical heart, cast aside lack and limitation, see your Maker everywhere and Heaven on Earth shall be yours. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I love you Dear Hearts, I Love you!

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy