Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel come unto you this day. It is my great honour that you receive me this day Dear Ones, it feels so good to be received in this way by you. You are so special and very dear to me for you are blazing a trail my Dear Ones. You have turned away from the religious dogma that you instinctively knew was not for you. The courage it takes to turn away from the accepted view of things is great and must never be underestimated. See the value in yourselves Dear Ones, see how amazing you are that you will not accept what does not feel good and right to you.

And I ask of you to stand by your Truth Dear Ones. I ask you in these times of transition to stand your ground. You have been long enough on this road now to firmly know what is your Truth. There will come a time soon when it will be asked of you to disseminate this Truth to all that will ask. And there is the important point my Dear Ones. Your truth may not be that of another. You can only feel what is right for you and must never impose you will on another. What is right for you is only right for you and is perhaps not the path of another. Dear Ones you can never see all the angles and all the possibilities and all is not what it seems. For this reason you cannot judge what is best for a person, only they can do this and the skill of an enlightened human is to lead people to their own power rather than tell them what is best for them.

The most powerful way you can disseminate the truth is to live that Truth. For in living your Truth as you see it, your life will blossom and you will thrive in circumstances that would see others fall by the wayside. It is then that you shine, it is when all others who do not see the Light or who still cling to old ways or people who still give away their power to governments and leaders who do not have their best interests at heart, it is when these people fall that you will rise and everyone will want to know what you have that they do not.

This is when you can tell them Dear Ones, as a sharing. Share what has worked for you, not what you think will work for them. Demonstrate your Love of God openly. Tell people that there is one God and that God is not a patriarchal figure but is a whole Being comprised of perfectly balanced masculine and feminine energies. Tell them that the Children of God which you all are, like all children, have a Father and a Mother. Expose the religions for removing the Mother God from the bible and from the mass consciousness.

Stand in your Truth, speak openly that you know there is a Creator, a God that is a Loving God, a God that provides everything for his children in abundance, in abundant God supply, that there was never intended to be any suffering upon this Earth and that it is human kind who miscreated suffering and who perpetuate suffering upon this planet and that it is up to all of us to stand up for change. Speak openly that our Father-Mother God is not a vengeful God and that this falsehood had been spread to control the mass of the people.

Dear Ones, you are feeling the changes within you, you know what is happening to Mother Earth, to your physical bodies, and you know what your devotion to the path of Light has brought you. You are starting to feel the changes within you. Dear Ones it is time for you to see that all these changes and all the turmoil within your personal lives is moving you forward to a place where you can stand in your Truth and in your power in the days ahead. All this hard work has been to sweep away the old, clearing a path for the new which is blazing in now day after day, the Light of God is blazing upon your planet uplifting you all.

Dear Ones we are entering a time when the Light will separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Those who are of the Light and know what the Truth is of this Universe and those who still believe in the falsehoods that have been force fed to them for a lifetime.

Many of these recalcitrant souls have enough Light and are of good heart and will grow when the Light finally breaks the dark hold on Earth for all to see. This is THE TIME THAT YOU WILL RISE Dear Ones, the time that you will stand firmly in the Light and answer all the questions from those who want to know where you get your strength, where you get your courage, where you get that Light in your eyes, where you get that optimism and why everything works for you. And why you are so happy and so incredibly beautiful. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I will be right by your side beaming all my Christ Love to you, Children of the Light. God Bless you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy