Greetings Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel who greets you this day and it is my great pleasure to do so in these very special and Sacred times upon your planet Earth. It may not feel like it some days Dear Ones, and trust me, I know the hardships you face, the relentless challenges in your personal lives and the seemingly unending war and poverty upon your world, I know you have troubles Dear Ones, only too well. I understand the hardship that is life in the physical plane upon your planet Earth, a slave planet. I feel you Dear Ones and I hear you. One of the things that can be most difficult to practise in these challenging times is gratitude. Gratitude for the life that you have. For despite all the turmoil and chaos, the pollution and the warring you are incarnated upon a jewel of a planet that is undergoing an unprecedented cosmic event unparalleled anywhere in Creation.

To be incarnate upon this Earth at this time is an immense privilege that very few souls out of the legions that wanted to be here actually got the chance to experience what you are experiencing. This Earth experience is TOTALLY unique and completely unprecedented. Dear Ones if you could just lift your heads above the muddy puddle that is the ways of duality and see the ‘bigger picture’, meaning if you could get into perspective the purpose of your life here on Earth, then you would be aghast at the opportunity that you have been given. And this is not to cause you to feel shame or guilt Dear Ones, no no no. This it is not my intention at all. What I mean you to understand Dear Ones is that the purpose of your life, of any life in the physical realm is expansion, growth if you will, through EXPERIENCE. This is an experiential world, the point is to experience ALL there is to experience upon the physical realm of existence no matter how ‘bad’ these experiences appear to be in the physical realm and with the limited understanding you chose to have while incarnated upon earth.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear Dear Ones, your Father-Mother God never intended for you to ever experience the level of contrast and the massive spectrum of duality that there is here on Earth. Meaning the huge polarity of good and evil, of Light and dark, of summer and winter, day and night, flood and drought, such extremes were not the Creation of God. Rather this extreme is of manmade Creation. Father-Mother God did allow the Creation of duality in the 3rd dimension for the purpose of unique experience for the purpose of expansion but never to the extremes that mankind went on to create for himself. And this period of massive polarity is about to be brought to a swift conclusion.

My Dear Ones, there is one huge benefit to the extremes and harshness and hostility of your planet and that is speed. The rate of growth that one can experience upon this planet under the harsh conditions placed upon you here mean that the soul can experience growth and learning in one life time that would take many hundreds of life times in a duality existence within the accepted range decreed by Father-Mother God. And this is why there is a clamour to experience life on Earth at this time.

So my Dear Hearts, you have chosen the ride of your lives!! To volunteer for this mission takes an enormously brave heart and to be chosen for this mission takes a soul of immense expertise, wisdom and experience. You volunteered to be here because you knew this was a totally unique experience, never to be repeated again in the history of this Universe. To be selected to be among the few to actually be incarnate at this Sacred time on such a planet whose success in this Divine Plan is absolutely critical to the evolution of this entire Universe is nothing short of miraculous.

Dear Ones, you are on a Divine Mission of utmost importance, your contribution to this Divine Plan is valued beyond your understanding, your courage and bravery is applauded beyond your knowing.

It is time to fully own who you are and understand the bigger picture and your part in it, your life upon this planet is precious, your contribution is Sacred. Legions and legions of Beings in the unseen are supporting your existence, nudging you in the right direction, pouring upon you all the Light and Love you can receive. This is my promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and it is with deep humility and gratitude that I play my part in this monumental time. God bless you Dear Hearts, thank you for your time this day, I Love you.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy