Greetings Beloved Hearts! How are you this day? It is I, Lord Emanuel, I AM here, I AM with you. Tell me all about it, how do you feel? And this my Dear Ones, is the most important question you can ask yourself in any given moment and is more important than ever before in the days we are in.

For these indeed are the most challenging of times for you Dear Ones. Many of you feel nothingness after the great cosmic event that was the 21st December 2012. Many of you feel flat and do not know what to do with yourselves. Dear Ones this is all perfectly normal at this time. There is so little for you to go on at present because so much of what is happening depends on so many infinite variables that there is no outcome or time frames that can be predicted by anyone. You are literally between worlds and it feels like you are on shifting sands, for that is exactly what you are on, shifting sands as your world continues to spiral up into the higher dimensions.

You may well look back upon this time and see it as the most challenging. For even though you face what could be called greater challenges ahead of you, they are of a practical nature and when the human race is faced with practical challenges you shine, this is when you rise up to meet the challenges and surpass even your own expectations of what you can achieve. But you are in a sea of nothingness at present, there are no huge practical challenges for you to overcome as a collective at present and almost in this quiet time, lies the biggest challenge of all. For this is about holding tight Dear Ones, hold steady, for your anchor has no ground at present on which to hold, everything is changing, your thoughts are changing, your physical bodies are changing, your feelings about things are changing and as things begin to pick up speed as they are my Dear Ones, this can be happening on an almost daily basis.

So I urge you to hold steady in the Light. Your feelings are what I ask you to pay attention to during these times. Start to pay attention to how you are feeling for this is your guide. Instinct, gut feelings, call it what you will, Dear Ones it is imperative that you start to 'train' yourself to place your attention here now. For your mind has had its day, your fragmented ego has had its day, the time for the mind and all it’s wonderful polarised thoughts, judgements and conclusions are over. And we thank it Dear Ones, we thank the wonderful human mind and fragmented ego for all its service for the time it was allowed to be in control of you. But it was never meant to be this way, the mind was never designed to be in charge of the human being.

The Sacred Heart Dear Ones, the heart is the intelligence of the human being for in the heart lies the spark of the Divine and this is not some airy fairy concept, your physical heart contains within it Creator Seed atoms, an actual piece of Creator, your Father-Mother God and it is from here that you are connected to All That Is. Infinite wisdom, infinite intelligence and infinite Love are housed within the human heart and it is from here that the human being is designed to operate.

Your mind is not required to analyse and think out any given situation or decision anymore and Dear Ones, the support mechanisms for this way of existing are collapsed and it is time now to let your heart rule your head. How do we do this Dear Ones? By paying attention to how we are FEELING. About everything. This is all the information you require to make any decision about anything. How does it feel to you? Good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, open hearted or closed hearted, happy or sad, angry or content?

Pay attention to these feelings my Dear Hearts and make decisions based upon these feelings even if the logical mind is screaming at you that this is not a good decision. Often decisions made from the heart do look like insanity to an outsider, to someone judging and assessing from the outside. Dear Ones, never pay attention to the judgements of others, they can never know how you feel inside and be wary of the ‘advice’ of others no matter how well meaning it is. Often decisions made from the heart take a leap of faith and require Herculean courage to see them through.

Dear Ones, take that leap for you will always be caught. We will never let you hit the ground and we are always with you. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel. Your feelings can never be wrong. Tell me how does it feel to feel my Love? You are almost home.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy