Greetings my Dear Ones! It is I, Lord Emanuel who is with you this day. I do hope you enjoyed the discourse given to you yesterday, in your linear time, by the magnificent radiant Presence that is Beloved Mother Mary. What an unexpected pleasure for you all. Take her words into your heart Dear Ones and into your Being for they are wise words indeed, wise beyond compare and infused with her gentle yet profoundly powerful Feminine aspect of Divine Love.  Blessed we are.

So Dear Ones, back to me this day! It was with absolute honour I gave the floor to my Mother Mary knowing that she would impart words that you very much needed to hear but I have to say in your words ‘I missed you!’ even if just for one day! How are you this day my Dear Hearts? I Love you so much. Please Dear Ones, be gentle upon yourself. You are so precious and so Loved and so appreciated and although we in the Ascended Realm cannot interfere with your life plan Dear Ones, we watch and we feel your pain. We feel what you are going through and some days I see things that are so unnecessary, suffering that is not ‘signed up for’ if you get my meaning.

Dear Ones, if only you could see yourself through my eyes even just for one second. Just a glimpse of this would be enough for you to realise how much grief you put upon yourself unnecessarily because you do understand your worth. The human being has become so adept and beating itself up over things that are self inflicted and self perpetuated from this state of disempowerment.

Dear Ones there is an important distinction between life experience that you have chosen and that which you have ‘put in your path’ since you incarnated upon this Earth. Let me explain further for this is a very important point and it will help you lighten that heavy back pack you carry, actually the one that you cannot bring with you into the Higher Realms! Dear Ones, you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience in a physical body in duality. And yes, although your Blessed Mother Earth has ascended up the spiral of evolution, the last wisps of duality are still playing out and those who are still entrenched in duality are still in the fringes of your existence as you weave your way out of the lower 4th dimension. In duality the idea is that you learn through pain. Yes, Dear Ones, you did sign up for this ride! Like I have taught you before, pain is a relatively unpleasant way to grow the soul but it is an expressway to grow the soul, a fast track if you will and is only undertaken by very courageous souls indeed.

So, you see before your incarnation upon this Earth you chose a specific life plan in which you agreed to experience certain events in your life that would give you the exact experience that you need to balance karma and to grow and to add to the infinitely expanding Universe.

But Dear Hearts, BUT because of the extent of your fall from grace which has caused you to experience such a harsh world and with no ‘phone hone’, no connection to All There Is, God, your Guardian Angel and the Ascended Realm Master Teachers and with total amnesia about who you really are, the human being tends to start to pick up thoughts and beliefs about themselves that start to lead to habits and thought patterns that bring heavy weight and negative energy that is outwith their soul path plan for the pain that you agreed to take on and experience. Do you get my meaning Dear Ones?

There is some ‘baggage’ that you carry that is grown out of just existing here that is absolutely superfluous to what is required to live out your soul plan. This can be solved and dropped and released in one very easy realisation. And that would be understanding who you really are. Seeing yourself with my eyes.

Dear Ones, you are magnificent Creator Beings of Light, blazing so brightly that you dazzle like the sun, you are a Child of God, you literally are a pieces of Father-Mother God walking around incarnate in a human body on a physical planet and you have access to all the powers and abilities of you God parents. This is who you are!

Allow this to be so and all the unnecessary weight that you carry will fall away faster than you can imagine and your life purpose will stand out like a Golden Map and your life will begin to unfold bringing to you all that belongs to your Father-Mother God, all that belongs to you. The Kingdom of Heaven. This is my Promise to you. I AM Lord Emanuel and I Love you. God Bless you Dear Hearts. Namaste.

Transmitted through Gillian Ruddy. Please freely copy and share this message. However, I claim the Universal copyright to this message in the name of the Ascended Master Lord Emanuel.

AuthorGillian Ruddy